Healthy Travel Tip #1

While traveling, you will encounter many health hazards. One of them, we take care of immediately after entering a hotel room. It involves that nasty, germ-infested tv remote. So for today’s travel tip,  I am sharing with you all, how to make your own tv remote condom (which was invented by my husband after I refused to change the channel because I did not want to come in contact with the remote):

4 thoughts on “Healthy Travel Tip #1”

  1. Yes, very funny. I learned this sort of thing several years ago while traveling with a highly enlightened self-professed "germaphobe." Her solution though was to immediately upon entering the room, get out the disinfectant wipes and throughly go over EVERYTHING in the room and in the bathroom, to include the toilet, handrails, light switches, table-tops, microwave, refrigerator, etc…. The treatment also included the TV remote, but she went one step farther and put it in a top zip plastic bag after using the disinfecting wipe. And she pulled back the sheets to examine them for bedbugs and to see if they had in fact, been washed and changed! Of course, the bedspread was removed and discarded immediately.

    The Wicker Woman–Cathryn Peters

    1. Yeah, the disinfectant wipes is a lot of work. I let Eric touch everything except he sprays the door handles and other things I may touch with Lysol. And then the remote gets put in a bag and that’s it.

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