Ohhh… To be Productive Like My Mother-In-Law.

Many already know that my husband learned his craft from his father and his father’s partner. But few know that Eric’s mother Joanne is a professional, talented painter and his step-father Bruce is a craftsman as well who restores old wooden boats for a living. So creativity is all in the family. I snapped this picture of Joanne without her knowing. (That’s the only way I can get pictures of her. But I cannot complain since that’s the only way someone can get a picture of me too! No matter what I try or how I pose, I always end up with the same distraught expression.) Back on point… pictured is my mother-in-law in her sunny studio showing me some of her latest work. Notice how it’s all filed in her print rack. Neat and orderly. Just like the rest of her studio. If I was showing her some of my latest pieces, I would be looking under the desk, climbing on the bookcase, thumbing through stacks of paper…. Another good spot is under the dog. Okay. So it’s really not that bad, but you get my point. And my discombobulated office is probably why I am not as productive as she is! Every time we go over and ask if she has anything new she whips out about 20 paintings. No lie. She needs to bottle that creative discipline, put a red bow on it and send it to me for Christmas! Actually, her son has the same trait. He’s very disciplined as well. It drives a lazy and procrastinating artist like me crazy!

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