Eric’s Latest Creation… in Progress.

Eric has been working on a new basket design for about a year now. I am taking photos at the different stages of development. This is the most recent one. The base (which you cannot see in the photo because it is all taped up) is gorgeous along with the handle he created. But at the moment, the handle design is top secret. The basket has over 100 uprights! Maybe that’s why this basket is driving him crazy. I usually enjoy watching him weave since it seems so effortless to him. Reminds me of my brother when he is skating. He can skate backwards faster than most going forward. And it’s like he’s gliding over the ice… so effortless. I have weaved two baskets before (That is correct. I am not a basket maker.) and my posture, hands and technique all show great effort (or distress – depends which angle you’re viewing me) when I’m weaving. No gliding-over-the-ice appearance for me. But this time, for Eric, I’ve heard him speak with not-so-nice-words about this basket. We have also been trying to come up with a name for this basket. The latest contender is one I cannot repeat here. But I think it’s going a lot smoother now since he actually cracked a smile before I took this shot!

3 thoughts on “Eric’s Latest Creation… in Progress.”

  1. I think he's gotten in the rhythm now. Except when I intentionally try to distract him. But I can't help it… I'm annoying that way.

  2. Oh my, those uprights do look tiny. Hopefully he is into the rhythm of the basket and it will go more smoothly now. I can't wait to see it when it is completed, it is already beautiful now.

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