Five Questions Friday: Sad Day in Green Bay

Yah! I get to go annoy Eric with my five questions. And now is a good time because I can hear him laughing at something downstairs.

I can hear you upstairs. What are you laughing at?

Eric: I just watched a video on You Tube.
Ooh. Is it a funny dog video?
Eric: No! It’s called “Sad Packer Fan.”

Oh, a Packers fan being sad? I like it already. What’s it about? 
Eric: It’s a short homemade video. Two sisters are in the car riding home from I think a bar, after Green Bay loses to the Giants in the playoffs.

How do you know she’s a Packers fan?
Eric: I think the big piece of cheese on her head gives it away. You gotta watch it. It shows the passion that the Green Bay fans have for their team. And not to wear sparkle nail polish?

Sparkle nail polish?
Eric: (In his slightly annoyed voice because I’m asking too many questions) She thinks they lost because her sister told her to put sparkles on her nails. Just watch it!

How do you know she was driving home from a bar?
Eric: Are you asking all these questions because it’s Friday? Go watch the video!
But I was supposed to ask you a few embarrassing questions this week (by requests).
Eric: Too bad. You’ll have to wait until next week (as he turns on the sander).

Okay. So I watched the video. It’s very short—just one minute long. And it is funny! The video is below if you want a good laugh too!

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