How Many Social Icons Can You Identify?

One of the hats I wear is a freelance designer. I’m currently creating packaging labels for a line of protein drinks. On just about everything these days, social icons are requested elements. So I’m always updating my library with social icon artwork from the stock image houses. Here is a new grouping I received today and will be using a few of these for the packaging I am presently working on.

However, I have to bravely admit, that I do not recognize a bunch of these! I will not tell you precisely how many since this admission could not only embarrass me, but put my reputation in jeopardy. What if one of my clients sees this? I’m supposed to be up on current trends.

I bet I could safely say that the more icons you recognize, the younger you are. On the other side, if more of these icons give you a puzzled and confused look, the older you are. That is why I will be looking up the ones I do not recognize asap so I can instantly take some years off. What is your social age? If you’re feeling too ancient, I will post all the icons’ identifications over the weekend. So you too can be socially-young-at-heart.

Eric’s Grandmother, Stephen Zeh and the Blizzard of ’93.

This is a short tale about Eric’s grandmother, a cruise and a basket. When Eric’s grandmother, Dorothy Taylor, passed away, she left him a basket that he treasures. Dorothy, who was not a basket maker, accompanied Eric’s father and his partner Martha, who were teaching basketry, on a basketmaking cruise in the winter of 1993. Also along for the ride was basketmaker Stephen Zeh and his wife. At that time, it was early in Stephen Zeh’s career and Dorothy was happy to purchase one of Zeh’s baskets on this cruise. I might add that this cruise was almost a disaster since it occurred during the Blizzard of ’93. Many people were having a hard time arriving at the port before the ship left, including all of the people I mentioned above. Luckily, they all made it.

But that is not what makes this basket interesting and special to Eric. Nor is it because she purchased it on this cruise from Zeh. Instead, it has a story etched in it, like so many baskets do. And this one involves a man.

Dorothy’s husband died in the late 70’s. She never remarried and was never seen with another man until this very cruise. After almost twenty years, she found herself a gentleman-friend and invited him to go on this trip with her. A brave woman. Now we’ll get to the basket. On the bottom, Stephen Zeh’s signature and #20 are burned in. Also on the bottom, Zeh wrote “Made for (gentleman’s name) and Dorothy Taylor.” Why do I not have the man’s name you ask?

Well, as it turned out, Dorothy’s gentleman-friend ended up being a total loser! Which I found a little depressing. I was single and dating for quite awhile before I met Eric and I sure had my share of numerous losers! I was becoming immune since I didn’t recognize they were losers even when they were sitting right in front of me! Not to mention after dating them for a few months as well. (I’m eternally grateful to my friend Karen who came to my rescue for many of these blind-moments and helped me clear the fog.) I now question, disappointingly and with disbelief, you can still attract losers in your 70’s? And Dorothy was a smart, wise woman! I better ensure that Eric outlives me.

Okay, enough about me and my old ‘loser-magnet habit’ and back to Dorothy. She had a problem because she really liked this basket but did not want to be reminded of this guy. Especially a loser of a guy. So she did what any of us foolish girls would do. She simply scratched out the man’s name on the bottom with a burning pen! So we could not read it. As the story goes, Eric learned (and what he remembers) is that this old-loser-friend disrespected her the whole cruise and started to show his mean-spirited side. Being the self-respecting woman that Dorothy was, there was no way she would put up with that! So upon returning home, she ended their friendship. And Eric gets a kick out of telling this story when anyone asks, “Why does that basket say the Blizzard of ’93”?

Healthy Travel Tip #2: Disinfect On-the-Go!

I enjoy traveling with Eric around the country for his teaching engagements. What I probably dislike the most is the many germs you meet while on the road. It’s hard to avoid coming in contact with them. Especially in hotel rooms. We were watching a show once and happened to see a woman who carried a travel size Lysol disinfectant spray can in her purse and was spraying all the door handles, toilet flush handle, all the light switches, etc. We both said to each other “We need to get that!” I immediately jumped on my laptop and headed to my favorite online store where I found it in bulk with free ‘super saver shipping’ (if you have enough in your shopping cart). In case you’re like us and a little bit on the germ-a-phobe side, and cannot find it in your local store, click here for a link to a 12-Pack of Lysol To-Go Travel Size cans on Amazon (or hit on the box below). The bulk offers each can at $1.99. We will be leaving soon for Eric’s next convention and and it dawned on me that I needed to order these now! So I thought I would share this tidbit for other like-minded travelers as one of my Healthy Travel Tips. If you do not like buying in bulk, there were others that were available as singles or smaller packs (if you cannot find it in your store of course). Eric will tell you that I’m a little crazy and could go through one can in a single trip. So the bulk size will not last us long! But we do save a little by not having to use it on the remote control (see Healthy Travel Tip #1) which is the most germ-infested item in a hotel room.