Full Class at the Georgia Workshop.

Eric taught the Cottage Smalls French Bread at Friday’s class in Atlanta for the Georgia Basketry Association. It was a full class and he was running around nonstop. So I let him off the hook for “Ask Eric 5 Questions Friday.” He said Saturday’s class will be easier since a couple students got held up in Denver due to the snowstorm so they were not able to make it. But I think the only major thing on Eric’s mind, quite honestly, is tomorrow’s Super Bowl with his beloved Patriots! (so I apologize now, on his behalf, to his students for his absentmindedness).

Travel Tip #3: For a Great View

When the hotel advertises they have the ‘best views’ and the scenery outside your window matters to you, I recommend asking the front desk clerk to see the room first before you pay.

This is the view we got and you can see they clearly advertise ‘great views.’ This was at a Microtel in Virginia. 

Overall, we love most Microtels (I say ‘most’ because we have stayed at a couple that were not too nice) and this particular one we really like. It is very clean and of course, I love hotels that do not have those nasty bed covers! (Microtels feature white triple-sheets with a blanket in between.) And since we’re frugal when traveling for business, their prices work in our budget. So we were fine with our view because we got such a great laugh from it! So it did not matter to us. But clean hotel room or not, we never forget to cover up the remote! (see earlier Travel Tip #1 post here.)

Funny Things Happen When We’re on the Road.

Eric and I know that we are lucky that we like each other (well… majority of the time). And we look forward to road trips together. Can we still call it road trips even though we’re driving for work?

Doesn’t matter. We still have fun and come across numerous interesting and funny things while on the road. For our next trip to Atlanta, I will be posting on Twitter some of the amusing details that we come across and maybe a few of the quirky ‘isms’ Eric comes up with. He often has these one-liners that make my stomach hurt. We also cross paths with the occasional oddity – so I’ll be sure to have my camera ready. You can find me on Twitter at #BrushAndBasket.

While we are gone, Chance will be spending the week with his girlfriend Jo-Jo Bean. So he will not miss us one bit. And our house is nice and secure with an alarm wired to a 24-hr watch service. We also have our neighbor next door and another one across the street who both work from home. So there’s plenty of eyes on our house while we’re gone. It’s great to have neighbors looking out for you!