Today is a Good Day!

Yes, indeed. Today is a good day. Why you ask? Well let me tell you. I bought this little, old, bungalow arts and crafts style house in the city five years ago. After living in a larger house in rural, snowy Maine, I wanted the tiniest house I could find that I would be able to manage. The house is also over 80 years old and it definitely shows.

But soon after, I met Eric. Then we got married. And he moved into my tiny little house. Now my house is even more tiny! And one thing that became apparent early on was that an old house with old glass door knobs do not stand up well to a rough, hard-working craftsman turning it to go to his workshop 50 times a day. So the antique glass knob on the door leading downstairs to his workshop would come apart and fall off all the time. It was annoying. Quite similar to the scene in one of my favorite movies where George Bailey’s staircase finial always came off. He despised his old drafty house because of this.

Back on point. This morning, Eric was locked out of his workshop because the door knob completely pulled out again and fell on the floor. “That’s it” I said to myself. “I am so over listening to him whine about these old glass door knobs!” I also decided to ignore him telling me it cannot be fixed. One thing I cannot deny about myself is that I am determined. And to Eric’s surprise, I found a solution and it’s fixed! I removed the old screw and inserted an industrial screw of some sort. I know it does not look pretty and is historically inaccurate in many ways, but it works! And in this family, it’s all about function over aesthetic!
Ignore all the chipped paint! I decided that I wanted to strip all the plates. There’s twenty-four in this house and only two are done. I started 3 years ago. I guess I’m not as determined as I thought! Will have to adjust my bio. Oh yeah, I haven’t finished doing that either!

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