Mr. Basketmaker Speaks: Cheddar and Parm

I am starting to regret creating a “Mr. Basketmaker Speaks” Category because he thinks he can write a post several times a week! But as usual, I always cave in to his wants. So the following post is from Eric:

A couple of blog-days ago, I shared a few embarrassing moments. And Lynne was so encouraging! I figured I better fess up before she blabbed it herself. In the short time that my wife has been blogging, I’ve learned that there is one big downside. My wife has learned an effective behavioral deterrent. It’s what I call blog-blackmail. I liken it to the dog in the yard with an electric fence. Anything my wife sees that I do that is really dumb or she just plain doesn’t agree with, she threatens me with “I’m going to put that on the blog!” Since Lynne is nearly perfect, I rarely find anything that she does wrong (sarcasm here folks). However, the other day she did give me a big laugh. I’m throwing her under the proverbial blog-bus.

I walk into our living room the other day and I see Lynne eating cheese and crackers, this is not uncommon, but I also noticed a strong aroma in the air. “What is that smell?” I ask. No answer. “Lynne, what are you eating?”

Lynne replies with a scowl while chewing, “Don’t ever buy this cheese again, it’s not very good. It also crumbles when I cut it.” If you don’t know by now, I do most of (well, all) the cooking in this household.

Here’s the deal: My frugal wife found a brick of Parmesan cheese in the fridge and started to slice away and place it on crackers, for a mid-day snack. She had no idea what cheese she was eating. In her defense, she is sensory-handicapped: she lacks the sense of smell.

So I inform her that it’s Parmesan cheese and you are supposed to grate it and put it on your pasta, not crackers. I’m thinking, as lame as this sounds, this is the worst thing she can do — not to know the difference between Cheddar and Parmesan cheese. (She has now learned that Parmesan is more expensive. Yes, I do all the food shopping as well. Lynne dislikes shopping unless it’s at Goodwill.)

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