Workshop Quick Shots: NCBA

As promised, here’s the rest of the quick pics from the NCBA. It was great chatting with a lot of you and meeting new friends! I know Eric said it was one of the best NCBA conventions he has attended (of course, minus all our little “mishaps” that occurred during our stay in North Carolina). One thing I know for sure, Eric has great students! Looking forward to next year.

Travel Tip #4: Another Great View

If a great view is important to you, here’s a tip to do immediately after you check in. If you see a large utility truck, with orange cones and signs hanging off the back and a cat sleeping in a bucket, parked outside your window, go back to the front desk and ask if someone is actually using this vehicle. Scratch that. Just ask them for another room.

For seven days, while we were at the NCBA convention staying at the Extended Stay in Morrisville, we had beautiful weather and this was our room’s view. The truck never moved. Not once. Not ever. Lesson learned.

Five Questions Friday

Time for “Eric Answers Five Questions on Friday.”

Q: After a convention is over, what is the first thing you like to do?
Eric: Take a shower, count the money and drink a beer. Not necessarily in that order.

Q: Lynne writes that you are both lucky that you like each other since you are in the car for 18 hours at a time and it’s enjoyable. Is this really true?
Eric: What do you think! Did you see that pig commercial? Weeeee!
(editor’s note: Is this sarcastic question-dodging?)

Q: This person wanted to remain anonymous. How many times a day do you stop and say “How does Pattie Bagley manage to be so incredible?”
Eric: Anonymous? Yeah, right. Too many times to count. But I will say one thing, Pattie is the ultimate team player. I can always count on her to take one for the team and fall on the sword!

Q: This blog says it’s about Lynne’s art as well. Where is her art?
Eric: I was wondering the same thing! Good question… where is all of her art? She has posted some things she’s been working on, but not often enough. There’s several pieces she’s got going, but she is a “tortured” artist in that if she doesn’t like the direction, she walks away from it for awhile (sometimes a long while). But in her defense, she’s been busy with her new like: blogging.

Q: Hearing your name “Eric… Eric… Eric…” over and over for 4 days straight, do you ever want to change your name after a convention?
Eric: No, I’ve learned to block it out, especially now that I’m married to Lynne. Just kidding!
(editor’s note: Sounds like a “dig” to me that deserves “pay back” some time in the future. Maybe in the form of a catwalk video???)

Image: Yuengling is not available in New England so when we’re on the road, Eric usually orders Yuengling Beer