Folk School: Another Day in Pics

Below are the rest of the pics from my day of exploring the campus of John C. Campbell Folk School while Eric was teaching. And there were still buildings I did not get to: Music Studio, Cooking Studio, Woodturning Studio and the Orchard House for Photography. Will have to see those next year when Eric teaches in August.

This is the Woodcarving Studio where John Davis was teaching.
I was looking forward to checking out the Jewelry & Metals Studio where Lisa Barth was teaching clay metal techniques. Diane (lower right) was showing off the necklace she just completed.
On my way to the Woodworking Studio and Rock Room where the basketry class is, I passed by the outdoor kilns.
Basketry classes are held in the Rock Room. Eric had a great bunch of students.
I'll finish off with the Coopering class, taught by Will Hines over at the Woodworking Studio. I have been inside the workshop but silly me forgot to take pictures! I only have them working outside on the long porch.

Folk School: A Day in Pics

As promised, less writing and more photos of my day at John C. Campbell Folk School. (So no Five Questions Friday this week…) I wrote captions for each bank of pics so you know what they are. Enjoy! (And I will have a lot more tomorrow.)

Here's the walking commute to my "temporary office" all week.
This is the library that I wrote about yesterday, located in the Keith House and that's where I've been working every day (you can see my laptop way in the back by the window).
When I visited the Pitman Fiber Arts Weaving Studio, the students were in another room viewing a slide show with teachers Dianne Totten & Pam Howard.
Next door at the Quilting Studio, Valerie Poitier was teaching students how to paint on fabric.
On my way to Eric's basketry class, I came across some of the drawing students sketching outside.
There's no way I could take this Glass Beads class, taught by Judy Peppers & Paul Roche at the Enameling Studio — I know I would stick my arm in that flame reaching for something. I am too absentminded! I don't get hurt when I spill paint so I'll stick with that.
Brant & Karen Barnes teaching Clay in the Pottery Studio.
Last night, Artist & Instructor Valarie Poitier gave an interesting presentation on artist development. Eric even got up and said a few words! (Sorry Valerie is a little blurry. She's so animated and moves around alot! Wait, am I apologizing for my photography? I learned that that's a "no no" from Valerie—never apologize for any of the work you do! So many artists do that.
I'll finish off with a picture I took last night. It was dark and we forgot our tripod so I had to hold the camera while the shutter opened longer to let in light—so it's a little blurry. I cannot be that still! (There I go again, apologizing... sorry Valerie!)

Check back tomorrow where I’ll have the rest of the photos from Woodcarving, Jewelry, Coopering and Basketry!

Busy Days at the Folk School

This is what I was doing yesterday at the end of the day instead of posting.

I missed getting a post out yesterday! You would think I had plenty of time with me being a “guest” here at the John C. Campbell Folk School where I’m not actually taking any classes. But before you think I lead a leisurely life, bumming around Eric’s workshops and teaching gigs, I have two words: I wish!

Especially now since I’m at this beautiful place in Brasstown, North Carolina. I wanted to pop my head into all the classes going on: the fabric painting, drawing, woodworking, photography, gardening, clay, weaving, music, glass beads, jewelry, plus many more! But I am planted on a bench in a charming by-gone library that reminds me of my private high school days housed in a large, handsome castle-like convent. What am I doing in here? It’s the only place on the 300-acre campus that has internet.

This is a great thing for students who want to “disconnect” from their media-filled lives and be able to retreat to their studios and living quarters without computers, cell phones and televisions beckoning you to be distracted or in my case, keeping the dreaded procrastination alive as long as possible. (I would show a picture of the library here but I cannot download it off my camera because I left the wire back at the farm house. And if I leave to go get it, I’ll probably get sidetracked and then I’ll miss another day of posting! So I’ll hopefully show you library pics in tomorrow’s post.)

Morning song at Keith House before breakfast.

But for me, as a freelance designer, when the work comes you take it. And this week, I’ve been overflowed with projects. So my days start at the crack of dawn, walking to Keith House to hear morning song, then on to the Olive D. Campbell Dining Hall for breakfast, then walking to the Rock Room for Eric’s basketry class then back to the library with my computer to work.

At Eric's basketry class. He's been bragging how awesome all his students are!
Students' carrier baskets all completed.

Then it’s lunch, back to work at the Farm House, check in on Eric’s class, walk back to the library to download files to clients, then at 4:45 to one of the many demonstrations going on all week, like Pebbie Mott’s, a drawing instructor, held at the Painting Studio on Wednesday. I had fun going back in time creating pencil rubbings (remember those?)

Drawing & Painting Instructor Pebbie Mott giving a demonstration at the Painting Studio.

Then dinner at 6 pm and on to the Blacksmith Shop for a metalwork demonstration with artist Bob Alexander. Eric joined me for this gathering and I was one of the lucky few that took home a gorgeous metal cross that he created before our eyes.

Metalwork artist Bob Alexander showing how he creates metal leaves and hooks.
Eric took this photo when he went out for a walk Monday evening. I love this pic!

Do I have a picture of the cross the blacksmith made me? No. (See explanation above.) But I will post a picture before we leave.

So that’s it for now! (Got to get ready for lunch)