Five Questions Friday: Dryer Lint

Q: How good does it feel now that your exhibit basket is almost completed?
Eric: Relieved, it’s been too long in the making and I’m just happy that it is finished. And I think we settled its name last night.

Q: Did you mail out Joanne H.’s jigs yet?
Eric: Yes! The postman took the package before I could add the drill bits that she added via email.  So, Joanne I will drop them in an envelope for tomorrow. (editor’s note: Joanne, it looks like you will always be waiting on him)

Q: If I was to stir up a little controversy on my blog, what would I write about?
Eric: Writing about how I might’ve got bumped from a convention (remain unnamed for now) because you posted a basket I was going to teach before it was juried. Of course, nobody would really punish me for the actions of my wife and her blog, right? (editor’s note: I’m sure other women realized that I’m just a lowly basketmaker’s wife. Surely, they would never think of doing such a thing. Especially since I always write about the conventions with lots of pictures and usually for several days. Who would not appreciate that kind of free advertising and online presence?)

Q: What’s on your agenda for today?
Eric: Packing for a last-minute camping trip. We have been busy since returning from JCC and with all the rain, we haven’t had a chance to get out there this season. Then Lynne started pushing for us to go this weekend because it will be the first time we’re bringing Chance and wanted to do it before the campgrounds get packed. I have to remember stuff like dryer lint. Ever since I told her that dryer lint makes a good fire starter, she’s been collecting it all winter in empty hot chocolate containers. I need another use for all of her empty hot chocolate containers.

Q: Lastly, Eric’s favorite question — What aggravated you this week?
Eric: Our hot water heater quit and of course the warranty ran out in February. (editor’s note: Yes. That expense blew our whole yard budget and other house repairs that needed to be done. You’re really a starving artist when you can barely afford to go camping! LOL.)

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