And The Penny-Pinching Pickers’ Winner Is…

Thanks for all the visits, comments and emails about yesterday’s post! Most popular by far. Without further adieu, the final results from our two-person panel of esteemed judges for the “Best Pick” are in!

Drum roll please….

Yes, it’s the Mirror!

The order of the other picks:
2nd Place: Statue  –  3rd Place: Radio  –  4th Place: Golf Putter

Who did the judges think bought which item?

Mirror – Eric (the basketmaker) – WRONG
Statue – Karen (the expert) – CORRECT
Radio – Eric (the sherpa) – WRONG
Putter – Lynne (the basketmaker’s wife) – SO VERY WRONG!

Below are the REAL buyers for each item:
Mirror – Lynne (the basketmaker’s wife)
Statue – Karen (the expert)
Radio – Eric (the basketmaker)
Golf Putter – Eric (the sherpa)

We all had a great time and it really doesn’t matter who wins. (Yeah right. I’m only saying that because I WON! Yah for me!) And I received many guesses via email and some by blog comments and nobody got it right. Even the judges! My own brother and mother thought I bought the golf club! In their defense, they thought I was trying to throw everybody off but come on. You don’t need to think that much! LOL.

And I saw Karen’s entire stash after we left the flea market. We took two vehicles because Karen easily fills up the back of a truck. Below are all the items she walked away with in the two hours of browsing (You can see her reflection in the back window looking everything over). I know she might’ve “threw” the competition because there were some awesome items in there! Keep an eye out on her online store because some of the items will be listed soon!

Now who do you think schlepped all those items into the truck bed? Yup, you guessed it. Her husband, Eric the sherpa. Even though Eric hought he was inexperienced to participate, (and coming in last did not help) nothing is further from the truth! Can a climber reach the summit of Mt. Everest without their sherpa? No! Karen and Eric make a great team. How does the saying go? Behind every smart woman there’s a strong man?

And then I wanted to finish off with this pic. While I was busy looking for items to sell at my online store, Eric (the basketmaker) was checking out girls in white skirts and cowboy boots.

Do you agree with the judges? If not, who do you think should have won the “Best Pick”? Vote below:

21 thoughts on “And The Penny-Pinching Pickers’ Winner Is…”

  1. I love the radio that you got last week! Phil’s grandfather founded WDRC in CT, Doolittle Radio Corporation, the first commercial FM radio station! In addition, your description of the tubes warming up remind me of how Andrew’s amp has to warm up because of the tubes. You had me at nostalgia!!

  2. Silly judges….No I am not suggesting firing you! I want you to play with us!!! You pick the flea market 🙂

  3. First of all, these rules that are now being tossed around were not out there in the very beginning of the judging stages. Secondly, the judging was done by a single photo per item…. very hard to judge age and condition from a single picture.

    Also, did we just get fired by Karen???

  4. Observations from the bed of the truck:

    I’m just saying……Mr. Basketmaker’s radio has the best chance (lol) to appreciate over time. He didn’t waste his money. As soon as I saw that radio, I was envious. Appreciation ( of both types) and Envy are good indicators of a successful score!

    Judges should have a 1-vote term limit and then be invited to participate in our next next challenge. Mr. Basketmaker…Will you agree?

    Maybe we should consider a minimum age of 20 years for individual picks with no peeling allowed. You know who you are you furtive peeler YOU.

    We had a blast!


    1. I like that idea! And, I bought this mirror for me. It looks cool in our bathroom. Not sure I like the 20-year age though…

  5. “Yeah, we all knew it was a reproduction!” Not the judges. They might know fantasy football, but they sure know nothing about pickin’. Thanks for the support Jud.

    1. Yeah, we all knew it was a reproduction! I said so to the dealer selling it. That’s why I got it for 5 bucks! But we decided that the challenge would not involve age and whether it was a repro or not. It’s all about the aesthetics and visual interest. But thanks Jud! I know you commented just to stick it to Tripp!! But then again, you are proving Tripp’s point. I’m assuming you paid probably $30-$40 at Bed Bad & Beyond?? I paid only $5 so I did win with value.

        1. Now I think you’re pulling my leg. The mirror that you have, can you take out the mirror piece which is held in by 3 bars in the back?? Maybe you have a “repro” of a reproduction of the original antique. So I have the original “repro” and you have the cheap 2nd-repro. Lol!

  6. I too liked the radio best if I were picking for myself and wanting a nice collectible. However, as an impartial judge, I used all the facts presented to me and together with my esteemed colleague, determined that the mirror was clearly the best pick for value and possible resale for profit.

  7. This is for “One of the judges”. prof·it/ˈpräfit/ A financial gain, esp. the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.

  8. “I was able to get an email estimate of its value starting at $40.00. I dare to say that maybe the mirror might command a price of $15.”
    Exactly! The radio perhaps could double your money while the mirror could triple your money.

  9. This is a travesty! I talked a war veteran down from $25.00 to $20.00 for this vintage radio because he said we’re living in hard times. I researched the radio and found it was made in 1937 and it still works. I was able to get an email estimate of its value starting at $40.00. I dare to say that maybe the mirror might command a price of $15. The rest of the items, I would say you get what you pay for. Let the public vote!

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