Native American Festival & Basketmakers Market

Today there will be no Five Questions Friday. (Bummer, I know!)  I was supposed to write about an event days ago and it’s happening tomorrow! So I need to post it today.

The Annual Native American Festival and Basketmakers Market will be held Saturday, July 7, 2012 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the College of the Atlantic Campus
 in Bar Harbor, Maine.  It is Free and open to the public.

Eric purchased the above Birch Bark container/basket from Barry Dana, tribal governor, at the 2002 Annual Native American Festival. It is 7″ square at the bottom and 5 1/2″ round at the top and 8″ high. When I was photographing it early this morning, a shadow in the shape of a furry dog kept looming over me. When he sees a camera, he needs to jump in. He’s very vain that way.

This event is quite popular and draws a wide variety of enthusiastic visitors year after year ranging from professional basket collectors to vacationers to local residents and artisans. It is co-hosted by the Abbe Museum, the Maine Indian Basketmaker’s Alliance and the College of the Atlantic. The festival is considered Maine’s largest annual gathering of Native American artists.

The day-long event includes Native music, dance, storytelling, craft demonstrations and lots of food and cold drinks. Visitors can meet the artists, learn about Wabanaki baskets, carvings, bead work, dolls and other of handmade items. Also a great place to get some inspiration!

For more info on this event click here. Enjoy easy access to the College of the Atlantic on the FREE Island Explorer Shuttle bus. You can also call 207/288-3519 or visit

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