Eric’s 2012 Exhibit Basket.

It’s time for Eric to let his latest exhibit basket go (well, temporarily). The League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s fair is about to open for its 79th year from August 4th to the 12th.

Founded in 1932, the League of NH Craftsmen is one of the oldest and most prestigious craft organizations in the country. Their Annual League of New Hampshire Craftsmen’s Fair is a nine-day event that showcases the work of more than 350 craftspeople’s items made by hand. It’s the place to see an incredible variety of beautiful, one-of-a-kind craft items that are functional, decorative and built to last.

Eric has one piece of his work that will be displayed in the “Living with Crafts Exhibit.”  This exhibit consists of juried members demonstrating the use of fine craft in everyday life.

Eric’s new basket “Morning Song”, will make its debut this Friday night. The Fair is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. daily (rain or shine) with a $10 admission with a discount for students and seniors. It is worth every penny! If you’re in the beautiful Lake Sunapee area, check it out!

More info for the League of New Hampshire Craftsmen here.

23 thoughts on “Eric’s 2012 Exhibit Basket.”

  1. Just think about it Tripp, the “Talbot Cup” and the Brady Gaga held by the same person in the same year! How great would that be? It wouldn’t be the trifecta it’s the doucefecta!

  2. Word to Tripp, I think this draft should prove to be very interesting. Gronkowski
    should be there at 10 or 11. What will the 3J’s do? Do they have what it takes to pull the trigger? We shall see just 30 days from now! VIVA MANCH VEGAS!

  3. It’s amazing that such a horrible fantasy football team manager can be so talented in other random things like shuffle board and needless to say basket making. Very impressive!

  4. NO! Are you serious? You know what I sent it to 112 High Street address that was on his web site. I mailed it two weeks ago and NO it wasn’t Yankee stuff! Was that the wrong address? It might be in my returned mail at home! Crap!

    1. Thanks Cathy. Are you talking about my king and queen pillows?? No, just kidding!! Yes, Eric’s basket is amazing!!!

  5. Eric’s basket is gorgeous! Just amazing work! The detail is incredible! Great job Eric!

    BTW did you get the T shirt I sent to you? I sent you an email but didn’t hear back from you. On my way home from Vermont tomorrow 🙁

    1. Jo- no package. We are leaving Thursday morning. You better not be sending any Yankee crap. Ichiro Suzuki is washed up, good luck with that bag of marbles.

    2. Hi Joanne. I don’t recall any packages to Eric. We will have our mail on hold after tomorrow so if it was sent USPS, it will be safe at the post office. Hope it’s not Yankee stuff!! Eric will probably burn it or put it on the dog.

      1. Eric, I get my mail on Thursday. If it is there ill send it to Tony’s. I knew that wasn’t the right address. I couldn’t find the Manchester one.

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