Five Questions Friday: Miracles Can Happen

What’s the funniest thing you saw on the road today?
Eric: The huge Obama billboard that a farmer put up on his land beside the highway: “The Private Sector is Doing Just Fine.” —Barack Obama

Q: How many dogs do you think were at the hotel we stayed at last night?
Eric: Not sure. There were so many. If I had to guess, I’d say 30 or 35. (Editor’s Note: There was a dog show going on at the fairgrounds in Pennsylvania and it appeared that all the dogs were staying at our hotel! Eric said as he was walking to the room, he saw two huge Great Danes and one of them was on the bed looking out the window! Makes you wonder who or what was in that hotel bed before you!)

Q: After your first workshop starts tomorrow, I am driving to Chicago to visit my sister and nephews. Are you going to miss me?
Eric: Yes, lots.

Q: Can I stay longer in Chicago? Like maybe until the second workshop starts?
Eric: No. (Editor’s Note: He’s the boss.)

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: You know… I cannot think of one thing! (Editor’s Note: It’s a miracle!)

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