Five Questions Friday: Bacon?

This week’s Five Questions were conducted over the phone. Early in the week, and unexpectedly, I flew to Chicago to be with my sister. She called me and asked if I would fly out to see her and I said “Yes” immediately. But when I hung up and booked my flight which was leaving in a couple hours, my heart started racing. You all know that I avoid flying at any cost. And especially by myself. But I will do it for my sister. And, if I have plenty of Southwest Drink coupons! As soon as we hit 10,000 feet, I whipped out my drink coupon, anxiously waiting for the attendant to take my emergency drink order: Jack and Coke.  Ahhhh….  It helps make those bumpy turbulence experiences less catastrophic.

However, it did not ease my germaphobic fears of sitting next to someone experiencing the flu. How did I know he was sick? After he sat in his seat, he pulled out a wad of tissues, stuffed them in the seat pocket, pulled out a prescription bottle and laid it on the center seat and then he hunched over, slowly contorting his body into the two seats to the right of me, while groaning. For that, I only had my bottle of hand sanitizer.

Back to this week’s Five Questions:

Q: How did you like the fantasy football draft last weekend and do you like your team?
Eric: It was a crazy afternoon of fun. Your mom did a great job with the food and the hosting. As far as Viva Manch Vegas, the jury is still out. I actually think the Cookie Crumblers have the better team. (Editor’s note: The Cookie Crumblers is my team! But he’s married to me, so he has to say that…)

Q: I miss hearing you working in the workshop and yes, your loud sanding machines. What did you work on today?
Eric: Cherry ear handles. I have to cut out and shape four handles for each basket. I place a cherry dowel between two of the ears to make one handle. Each of these style baskets has two of those handles.

Q: Where is your next workshop?
Eric: I’m having a private workshop in Old Town, Maine in two weeks. Get out you’re warm clothes Lynne, because we are going camping!

Q: Who misses me more, you or Chance?
Eric: I don’t like that question. I will say “I do” but I know you would rather hear that Chance misses you more.   (Editor’s note: A smart man.)

Q: What aggravated you this week?
Eric: The packaging they make for bacon. Now, I have to say, we only eat turkey bacon and not all that often. Just every now and then we get that BLT craving.  Ok, back to the packaging. Once you open it you can’t keep it closed. You can try with wrapping a piece of saran wrap around it which doesn’t seem to work. They make the plastic extra thick and that just pops the saran wrap off and it also slides, exposing the bacon which then gets hard around the edges. If I was working for Oscar Meyer I would get a promotion for this one suggestion: Ziplock Bags! The shredded cheese people figured it out, the tortilla shell people figured it out. Bacon people— not so smart.

Mr. Basketmaker Speaks: Caskets?

The following post is a peculiar subject from Eric, but interesting nonetheless:

Over the years of my travels and teaching, I have had a lot of different questions. Every now and then I hear the one about whether I have woven a coffin before. The answer is “No.” I have never woven a coffin. But I have heard about it being done. Mostly, I hear they make them in England. I did meet someone that had made his father’s coffin out of wicker. I thought that was an incredibly touching act of love. These take many, many hours to make and not everyone is capable.

While looking around the internet, I came across this video. It is part basket, part… well you will see.

Above video is of a basketmaker weaving one a Somerset Willow Coffin. Find them at


Have you had days like this?

I had a doctor’s appointment early this morning and as I was checking out, one of the office staff had this on her desk. I just had to take her picture because today, I can totally identify!

(When I got home, I did an internet search and I believe I found her at  If you find her somewhere else, let me know!)