Working on the Assembly Line

What? You didn’t know I had a part-time job as well? Why, “yes, I do.” But it doesn’t pay much. Actually, I don’t know when the last time I even saw a paycheck from this side endeavor. But it does come with some perks. Like being able to watch TV while on this makeshift assembly line. And I get free lunches.

What am I putting together? Eric’s Finishing Kits. It was a bright idea about a year ago. But now I’m regretting telling Mr. Basketmaker “It’s a great idea… No problem… I can put these together in no time! Don’t worry about it! I’ll take care of everything.” About 250 kits later, the novelty has wore off.

Over the last couple days, he had fifteen orders for this little nifty kit. Today, I was putting them together, plus the twenty more-or-so needed for the upcoming Michigan convention in October. I really wish he could find an unpaid intern instead of me!

Big Matchup This Week.

It’s stressful in the Basketmaker’s household this week. We’re both in a head-to-head match-up in our fantasy football league. As of Sunday evening, my team, the Cookie Crumblers, is still projected to win against Eric’s team, Viva Manch Vegas. But it’s not looking too good for me. A couple players are not performing how they should!

We’re both 2-0 and want to be 3-0 after tomorrow. But only one of us can have the number one team and I only hope it’s me! I mean, I have the better team logo and name. What is Viva Manch Vegas anyways?

Five Questions Friday: In 5 Minutes

Q: Why do you become so difficult on Friday when you know I’m going to ask you questions?
Well, I’m going to leave that for my question of “what irritated me this week” so ask me a different question.

Q: But you’re still being difficult. Why?
Eric: Because you just paused Shark Tank to have me answer five questions and said it would take five minutes. Your nephews ask better questions than you.

Q: I’m going to ignore that last part. I paused your show because I did not think you were watching it because you’re intently working on your laptop. What are you working on?
Eric: I don’t want to say too much in case it doesn’t turn out the way I envision but I’m working on a Powerpoint for a future workshop.

Q: So how do you feel about playing me this week in Fantasy Football?
Eric: This is my least favorite week the whole football season. I cannot win either way. Let’s leave it at that.

Q: Now to your most favorite question — what annoyed you this week?
Eric: You waiting until 8:15 pm on Friday to ask me my questions! Let’s change it to you asking me on Wednesday so I have plenty of time to weed out all the bad questions you ask me! (editor’s note: He was so busy in the workshop today I did not want to disturb him. Plus, when he has his sound-blocking headphones on, he ignores me. He’s been having those on a lot lately.)