Five Questions Friday: Superman

This week’s Five Questions were conducted over the phone, again. Yes, I am still in Chicago and will be going home next week. For a change, my sister Michelle and my nephews Sam and Ben asked this week’s questions:

Q from Sam: Is it fun to weave baskets or is it extremely boring?
Believe it or not weaving is not boring — it’s fun. The only boring part is making the supplies for the baskets sometimes.

Q from Ben: How does Superman fly?
Eric: Ben, I’ve asked this question a few times myself and I don’t think that I have ever received a good answer. Besides, I was more of a Batman fan.

Q from Michelle: I’ll ask an NFL question — Which football player is basket-worthy? And which basket would you make him?
Eric: Wow! Not a single bad question today. It makes it so much easier answering “Five Questions Friday.” That would be Rob Gronkowski, Yo Soy Fiesta! I would make one big Fiesta basket, whatever that would be!

Q from Lynne: What has Chance been doing all week?
Eric: He follows me around wherever I go, just like he does to you when you are here. When I am working in the shop he hangs out in the back yard half the time acting like a normal dog. But, if I start heading for the stairs, in he comes running.

Q from Anonymous: Every week you write about what annoyed you. Now that Lynne has not been home for over a week, is there something she does that is annoying that you miss??
Eric: I think Lynne is asking this one. I miss tripping over your shoes.  (editor’s note: Awwwww….. 🙂 And “no”, it was not me.)

Ready to Start Juicing?

I don’t make too many recommendations in terms of movies or documentaries. I’m into my second week here in Chicago, visiting my sister, and her close friend Jane decided it was time to start juicing. I have a juicer myself and have made some odd concoctions. Eric was not excited as I was to jump on the “juice trend.” So for me, it’s only been a sporadic ambition.

While in Chicago, my sister purchased a juicer and I’ve been having a lot of fresh juice made from kale, kiwi, carrot, apple plus other vegetable or fruit we decide to “try.” Some have been good and some have been bad. But I’m trying to keep an open mind.

One night, while on the porch, a neighbor suggested we watch the documentary “Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.” It was about a man who went on a juice fast for 60 days and what it did for his life and others. He starts off 100 pounds overweight, taking steroids and other medications and suffering from an autoimmune disease. After seeing himself at 310 lbs. and believing he would have an early death, he decides to change his predicament. The film chronicles his goal to regain his health and his life. He believes that his body has the ability to heal itself. So he hits the road with his juicer and makes the commitment to only drink fresh fruit and vegetable juice for the next 60 days.

While traveling across the U.S., he comes across a truck driver who suffers from the same disease he has and is 429 lbs. This man ends up seeking him out later for help to change his life as well. Overall, it’s a great story about people who rely on themselves to change their lives and get off all the medications.

There were sections of animated graphics, that were not very high-end in nature, to explain some of the processes of why processed food is bad. But that’s really not the main focus. The movie was inspiring and my sister and I are now more serious in attempting to do at least 4 days of only drinking juice. (We learned from the documentary that day 3 is the hardest but if you make it to day 4, it gets easier from then on. So we’re aiming for 4 days.)

If you have heard of juicing and thought of trying it, you should check out the documentary. It is available on Netflix or you can purchase it through Amazon (I posted a direct link below). Let me know if you have seen it or what you think after you watch it!

Click here to find the video: Fat Sick & Nearly Dead

This is the juicer I own (in case anyone is interested…): Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor

The Paint-Off

I’m still in Chicago visiting my sister and two nephews. Tonight, my 8-year-old nephew and I had a “paint-off”. (The 11-year-old was more interested in playing x-box.) We started off with the same 24″ x 24″ size canvas and a quart of cyan, magenta, black and white paint. So we both had to mix our own colors — a totally equal playing field. Can you tell which one is from my nephew and which one is mine?