Five Questions Friday: Running On Empty

Q: What are you laughing so hard about downstairs?

Eric: Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.  I love a good stupid movie…“Shake n’ Bake” (editor’s note: he is so weird.)

Q: So are you out of the Playoffs for Brady Gaga?
: Pretty much, but not officially until Sunday evening.
(editor’s note: Poor Eric. Another year the league Commissioner is not making it to the Playoffs.)

Q: Am I in the Playoffs?
Eric: Yes, the Cookie Crumblers are in the playoffs for the second time in three years. (editor’s note: Yah for me!)

Q: I was thinking of getting a “Fathead” triple life-size image of Chance to put on the bedroom ceiling. Are you okay with that?
Eric: Sure no problem as long as I can have a “Fathead” of Ursula Andress in the white bikini from Dr. No. (editor’s note: I take it that’s a “no” unless you want to move into the guest bedroom downstairs???)

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: You coming back from the thrift store to say the gas was way below empty. (editor’s note: Yes. Bad me. It was way below empty. I did tell you I was very sorry. I was simply so excited to get back home and show you that vintage plaid top coat I bought for you!)

Travel Tip #7: Eric’s Hotel Grading System

Following is Eric’s Hotel grading system. Now I need to immediately point out, that I don’t recommend this system. Let me explain.

We travel all over the country for Eric’s workshops and events. And Eric thought it would be a great idea to keep one of the hotel entry cards for future reference. In this jar are all the cards so far (at least the ones he remembered to keep.)

Pictured below is a spread of said cards and his “unique” grading system which involves scribbling the town name and notes about the hotel on the back of the card and when we return home, to shove it in a glass jar, in no particular order whatsoever.

Uhm, hello? What is the point in that? He seems to think it’s a great idea and if you ask him, he’ll probably put it right up there in his top 10 brilliant ideas.

And why am I not recommending it you ask? Because I have never seen his grading system in action. Not once. Before any trip, he has yet to go into this jar and search for hotels we have been to prior. So how can I suggest it when the system has never been used!

Did you see some of his comments? The one that says “couch” I know for a fact he considers that “good.” I remember this hotel and I made a note that the couch was nasty.

In case you were wondering, we actually do have a backup system. It’s my little grading system which we do use every trip. I took a prior-year map book (one of the large road atlas types) and I write in where we stay on the map and some notes. I also write down which rest areas to stay away from and which gas stations & restaurants are “easy on and easy off.”

So far, my “map” system works perfectly! That tip I do recommend!

Where’s the White Stuff?

Okay, I know I am going to regret posting this soon enough. But I cannot help it! Chance and I were looking out the window early this morning wondering when are we going to get some snow already!

Chance loves the snow. I know there’s many dogs who love snow. But this dog really, really, LOVES snow! It is so funny to watch him go outside in the morning after the first significant snowfall. He gets up to the steps in the doorway and pauses, looks at the backyard and the snow, lifts his nose up and takes a few sniffs, turns his head back to me with very wide eyes and then immediately takes off like a greyhound chasing a carrot around the track!

Me? I love the snow just as much. Especially since I’m married and my husband does all the snowblowing now. But instead of jumping in the snow like Chance, I jump into a cozy sweater, get under a blanket and sit by the window, to watch Eric clear the driveway.