Hands, Head & Heart

I’m always reminding Eric that he is, in deed, an artist! He sees himself as a laborer and a craftsman. I think he’s slowly starting to understand what an artist is! Below is one of my favorite quotes, from St. Francis of Assisi, that I thought I’d share. I relay the same sentiment to Eric frequently that this is him, the artist!
In case you’re wondering what I am? I’m a lazy artist. I may work with my hands but whether I use my head is questionable and I’m seriously no laborer—way too lazy!

Eric has the best Students & Friends

Over this Thanksgiving holiday, I am thankful to all of Eric’s students and the ones who have become our friends. And great friends they are! If I mentioned them all, it would be too long.

I am also going to send out some “electronic” belated thank you’s, via this blog, to two of Eric’s students… Christy N. and Joanne H., for some of the gifts they have given us over the year!

In addition to the awesome Antique Archaeology t-Shirts Christy has given Eric, she surprised me with this very cool vintage Kaleidoscope! It now sits on my shelf above my desk. And thanks for the soap too! I almost ate it thinking it was peanut brittle!

The black journal was given to me by Joanne. I love the ‘basket weave’ cover! It’s perfect for writing all my notes while on the road! It’s now my traveling journal.

What about the mini Ketchup in the photo? Eric loves little samples. Well, I guess I do too. Especially the Cracker Barrel syrups. Remember my story about the nosy woman diner who said, loudly, to her husband that I was stealing the syrup?

The above “Red Sox” Bear was created by “Yankees” fan, Joanne and given to Eric. Along with a couple extra outfits, she embellished it with little items like the drumstick in his right hand and the beer can in his left hand. Joanne sure knows Eric very well!

As you can see in the above pic, Chance really wanted to get his teeth on this bear! The photo is a little blurry because I was trying to hold off the dog at the same time! But don’t worry Joanne, he never touched it. Well, maybe a few sniffs and a couple licks. But that was all!

Also want to thank Joanne for mailing that red t-shirt. It’s in Eric’s “top 5,” and if you saw all the shirts he owns, that’s pretty big. And for the peanuts! Those were gone in a day.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! And THANK YOU Joanne and Christy for thinking of us over the year!

Five Questions Friday: Green Beans & Pecans

Q: How many of the Christmas movies I posted yesterday have you seen before?
Elf. I like Elf. But I liked it better when he was Ricky Bobby. I think I might’ve seen White Christmas when I was kid. I’ve seen the Jimmy Stewart one over and over as well. I always seem to turn it on when he is in the shop behind the soda counter. Then he gets smacked in the ear by the druggist.  What sticks out in my mind the most about this movie is the pool with the removable floor. The rest was always kind of disturbing to me. Like seeing Alfalfa all grown up.

Q: How do you like the vintage tweed coat I bought today at the thrift store?
: I’m torn between you keeping it and you selling it. You made good points on why to sell it, but you look so good in it, I think you should keep it!
(editor’s note: I’m selling it… I think…)

Q: What was your favorite dessert at Thanksgiving?
Eric: Let’s see. I would say either the Peekann Pie or the Peekhun Pie! (editor’s note: It’s Pecan pie that he’s talking about. He’s making fun of his mother and the way she pronounced Pecan Pie.)

Q: When I your next workshop?
Eric: In less than two weeks in Connecticut. I do a workshop there every year, two weeks before Christmas. It’s now a tradition.

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: That my mom didn’t make green bean casserole! She made green beans, but forgot the casserole part.