I’m a terrible “basketmaker’s” wife.

I am the epitome of laziness.

Despite Eric reminding me all year that I need to change the old, and now non-existing address on the website; despite numerous packages being mailed to his old address; despite many customers emailing and calling to report the old address is online; despite getting birthday cards and holiday cards late (or not at all) because they were mailed to the old address and returned to sender (a huge hassle I know!); despite Christy N. getting at least 3 items returned back to her because she used the address from the website and took the time to send me an email informing me about this, Eric still made me breakfast in bed yesterday, Christmas morning: yogurt, poached egg, turkey bacon and cranberry juice.

However, I’m happy to proclaim that I am no longer a terrible wife. I did, in fact, hours ago, change the address on the website! I have not made edits to that site (other than his schedule) since 2009! I don’t deserve Mr. Basketmaker.

Five Questions Friday: Whining Works

Q: So it looks like the world did not end. What are you going to do now?
: Answer five questions for my wife’s blog. I just hope her questions are not lame this week. (editor’s note: someone is cruisin’ for a bruisin’.)

Q: If the world was ending within one hour, what would you choose to do in that short time?
 For one: I knew the world wasn’t ending. The Myan’s couldn’t even predict their own demise, how were they going to predict ours. Two: wasn’t it funny when I said we shouldn’t bother picking up your parents at the airport late last night if the world is going to end an hour later? (editor’s note: yes, that was funny!) But, to answer your question here I go: I would hold you in my arms and tell you how much I love you. See, I can be romantic.

Q: For the last two days you reorganized a whole section in your shop. I’ve been complaining about that area for a while. What made you decide to do that? (I guess I’m asking if my whining and complaining about all the boxes really worked!)
Eric: I’ve had my last workshop of the year and cleaned up the Christmas orders so I had a little time. I usually like to do some end-of-the-year house cleaning or shop cleaning to start off the new year in the right direction. And since you have been selling and shipping your Etsy stuff, I’ve been trying to keep your whining down. (editor’s note: sounds like whining to your husband really works!)

Q: As Mr. Host, what do you have on the agenda for me and my parents since they arrived yesterday? I don’t want them to be bored.
Eric: I’m going to get some Swanson Hungry Man dinners and watch stuff breakdown on Gold Rush with your Dad. You and your Mom can go have a pajama party and watch another Christmas movie on the little TV in the guest room. (editor’s note: No TV dinners for our guests. We had turkey, green beans, corn and some cranberry sauce. And Gold Rush is one of my favorite shows. My mom will be having a pajama party for one.)

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Trying to answer this depressing question. If the world was ending within one hour, what would you choose to do in that short time? It’s sort of like someone on death row ordering their last meal. What’s the point?  I know… That is not a very “Christmas-y” thought. So I will end wishing everyone a wonderful holiday. I’m out.

Hey Lynne, can I have next week off?? (editor’s note: No. You had last week off.)