Dingy Rest Area vs Outdoor Pet Walk

Is it me or when it comes to rest area restrooms, it’s better to be a dog? They don’t have to walk into a scary dingy building such as this. No stale, dirty air to breath in. No opening a stall to be surprised with something nasty. No touching those filthy, germ-infested stall locks. Their signs are spelled correctly. And someone else picks up after you!


At this rest area in South Carolina, I think it was better to be Chance. I’m still not used to the whole “rest area” thing when we travel. I’m getting better at it though. The trick is to go in fast, don’t breath deep and don’t look around too much – you never know what you might see or what’s crawling beside you.

What’s that smell? Oh, Yeah… Wet Dog!


It’s been raining the entire day while on the road. Chance only had one “rest stop” today. Before you think we’re so mean, not letting him out more so he doesn’t fill the van with wet dog smell (well there could be some itsy bitsy truth to that), chance does not like the rain. He really doesn’t like to get wet. Even in the hot summer, if we went to the lake, he would not go in it. The furthest he goes into the water is up to his paws.

When it is pouring out in the morning when I let him out, he turns around to come back in. Sometimes I have to push him out there to force him to go. So if we opened the hatchback and he saw rain, he would turn around and lay on his bed. Other than that, it’s been a relatively productive day despite being trapped in a vehicle for 8 hours or so.


Throughout the day, Chance would climb on top of the luggage and lean his head in between the back seats, where I’m working on my laptop, to see what’s going on.


Eric not only does ALL the driving so I can continue my freelance work while we travel, he also makes our lunch and dinner which this time, happen to be wraps! For lunch I had the turkey pastrami and spinach wrap. For dinner, I chose the chicken salad and tomato wrap. This is life as two starving artists on a road trip (not very glamorous, huh!). But Eric sure does know how to take care of me when we travel. He thinks of everything and gets us to our destinations safe and sound. What more could a girl like me ask for?


Towards the end of the trip, my laptop battery needed charging. I can either plug it into the car, or use our backup generator/charger seen here. I went with the backup charger since it was nearby and our inverter was in the front seat glove compartment. I sort of let the battery be drained to it’s last leg and I only had 60 seconds before it was going to shut down. Anyways, the charger gave me enough juice to get my layout exported and out to my client. (See, I really do have a mobile office and I really do work on our road trips!)


We get to our hotel and it’s pouring rain but I need to get the dog out for a medium-length walk. So out we go, to get soaking wet, while Eric unpacks what we need from the car.


As soon as I get back to our room, I put our remote condom on (if you don’t know what this is, see previous “travel tip” post here.) I then examine the wood laminate floor, all soaking wet from Chance. Glad Eric brought in his large blanket as well so he could dry off. This is Chance mashing his head back and forth and side to side to get the water off his face.

So after all that, and getting out of my wet clothes, I settle in to get some additional work done. And as I log in to the hotel’s internet, I learn that the password is “behappy.” Perfect ending to a rainy travel day.georgia-internet-login-behappy

Sending a special “shout out” to cousin Charlie for house sitting and to our neighbors for keeping an eye on things. When you live in the city, you’re really close to all your neighbors which means your house is always safe. Lots of busybodies abound in our neighborhood!

En Route to Atlanta


Yes, if your monitor is at a high enough resolution, that is in fact, Chance poking his head out the back window of the Odyssey (a.k.a. basket buggy — I know, lame. But that’s what Eric dubbed it — and I must confess, that every time he calls it that, it makes me laugh despite the fact of being fully aware that I am married to someone so corny, he would name a vehicle “buggy”).

So why is Chance coming with us to Atlanta? My brother and sis-in-law will be going to Chicago to visit my sister the same time we’re in Atlanta. This means Chance would have to go to a kennel. Instead, we decided to bring him with us for the trip down, and found a kennel nearby where we’re staying that will let me come in and walk him every day. So he’s on the road trip with us!

Chance is actually a great travel companion. Sometimes we forget he is even with us he’s so quiet! He sits in the far back and watches all the traffic, rarely laying down to nap. Due to Mr. Basketmaker’s Vehicle Rules, he has to be in the way back – No dogs allowed in “passenger areas.” I guess it’s an okay kind of rule. And sometimes, when leave the vehicle to get something to eat, Chance will figure out a way to squeeze through the seats and make the long journey up to the Driver’s Seat. When he does that, Eric’s reaction is priceless.

Sending a special “shout out” to cousin Charlie for house sitting and to our neighbors for keeping an eye on things. When you live in the city, you’re really close to all your neighbors which means your house is always safe. Lots of busybodies abound in our neighborhood! And living next door to a retired firefighter helps as well. His home is literally 8 feet from ours. And Charlie, don’t set off the security alarm again this time. At least we were able to learn that the police got there in 90 seconds! Perks of living in a congested little New Hampshire city with the station a few blocks away.