Mr. Basketmaker’s Chowder Recipe

Everyone knows that Eric does most of the cooking in this house (probably 95 percent) and it’s a shame that he spends many hours creating unique recipes for only him and little ‘ole me. Not many people get to taste what a great cook he is!

Yesterday he made his awesome Fish Chowder! And he finally agreed that it was okay if I shared his recipe. I’ve already had four servings. We’ll be eating it all week. And don’t you love those bowls? Gift from my bro and sis-in-law!

(Please Note: Eric’s recipes can sometimes be vague. They are not exact. So whatever you think is an appropriate amount to add, then go with your instinct.)
basket-chowder-chowdah-recipe-2013Download a PDF of Eric’s recipe here: Mr. Basketmaker’s Chowder Recipe-2013


4 thoughts on “Mr. Basketmaker’s Chowder Recipe”

    1. It is really good. And I don’t like onions! I see that his recipe calls for a whole bunch of onions! But I couldn’t taste them. He’s that good…

    2. Sharon, Lynne’s brother Tripp also doesn’t like onions, but he ate several bowls one time. Some recipes need that favor, just cut the onions super fine and they never complain. People who don’t like cooked onions usually because of the texture.

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