Five Questions Friday: Is he doing Yoga?

Q: On Gilligan’s Island, how did Ginger have so many different outfits when they were only going on a 3 hour tour?
Eric: Is this seriously a question? I asked the same question myself. I mean, how did the professor make a radio out of two coconuts?  I have no idea. That’s my answer.

Q: What’s the difference between normal ketchup and fancy ketchup?
Eric: They have “fancy” ketchup? I’m still trying to figure out the difference between ketchup and catsup. (editor’s note: I believe “fancy ketchup” means there’s a higher concentration of tomatoes, or something like that.)

Q: Who are you rooting for in Sunday’s Super Bowl?
Eric: I’m rooting for Jud’s chicken wings, fried pickles and lots of beer.

Q: Speaking of peanut butter and jelly (it just came up in our conversation), do you put the peanut butter or the jelly on first?
Eric: Peanut Butter.

Q:What aggravated you this week?
Eric: You know what. Nothing! (editor’s note: I find that hard to believe. Especially since this week, we were cooped up in a car together for two days straight… I know there had to be something! He must be doing Yoga behind my back.)

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