Calling in Sick is Not an Option

Yes, our household has the flu, including the dog it seems. Or maybe he just wants to join in because he thinks he’s missing out on something. I’m not happy about this because when you have the flu, you really don’t want to go and pick up dog throw-up. So I didn’t. I let Eric do it.

We most likely picked up this nasty virus on our last trip to Georgia. Or, I should say “I most likely picked it up” since Eric got it from me. Either way, we both have it now. And today, I think I’m slowly coming out of the “flu fog” I’ve had for almost two weeks. Both of our recoveries most likely are a lot slower than normal (if there’s anything mainstream about flu recovery) because we both cannot just lay in bed all day. We have been sleeping in later than usual but we eventually have to force ourselves to roll out of our warm and cozy bed to go and work. I have my freelance projects due and Eric has the upcoming North Carolina convention to make materials for. So there’s no calling in sick for us. But I wish we could!

When all is said and done, at least we can both say we survived the big flu epidemic of 2013. Which is a little frustrating to me since I did get the flu shot! But I heard it wasn’t preventing this new strain of flu. What good is that?

I’m looking forward to actually moving around again at a moderate speed and not having little things be such a huge task! Like looking for the remote control to turn on the tv. Yesterday, I gave up looking after 5 seconds. I was too tired to search any further. So I put my head down and stared out the window. Until that became too tiring. So I asked Eric to get me more lemonade. He did. That perked me up a bit. But not enough to get an image to accompany this post.

Anyways, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all about mental toughness when you have the flu. I’ve got lots of it. But Eric, not so much.

3 thoughts on “Calling in Sick is Not an Option”

  1. Oh man sorry you guys have been so sick! Get well very soon! Don’t bring it to NC! lol Tell Eric I am already congratulating him on the upcoming Red Sox season. By all accounts on paper, my Yankees are gonna suck this year. That should make him feel better!

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