Yah! Mr. Basketmaker is Home!

I haven’t posted for a week because Eric was in North Carolina for the NCBA convention which also happens to be my favorite so I was sad to miss it.  We both decided that my time would be best spent staying home alone painting the bedroom so we can get our house on the market asap. And I didn’t want to write sappy posts about how much I missed Eric all week. I’m sure I would lose lots of followers by doing that.

But now he’s home and I am so pumped! Why? While he was gone I spent 25 minutes trying to get the lid off this 5-Gallon bucket of Joint Compound! If he was here, he could’ve done this in 25 seconds! So no more struggling with lids that I need to pry off with a hammer!


I also had to buy the “Ultra Lightweight” product since the regular All Purpose brand that I really wanted I couldn’t lift! It was 65 pounds! There was no way I could get that out of the car, up our front steps and into the house all by myself. So I had to settle for the less-heavy bucket, weighing in at 40 pounds. So this weakling is happy her strong husband is home… te hee.

Why did I need all this joint compound? I’ve been working on a wall treatment in our upstairs bedroom that is really our only option to improve the space. Will have some before and after pics soon!

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