Thrifting across America.

Well maybe not “across” America but more like East of the Mississippi portion of the country since we rarely drive further West than St. Louis.

One of the perks, for me anyways, of traveling to repeat cities, conventions and/or workshops is that I get to have “favorite” thrift stores that are hundreds of miles away from me.

For instance, one of my most favorite thrift stores for clothing is Park Avenue Thrift in Roswell, Georgia. I mean look at this rack pictured below!


It is ALL skirts! And not just one row of skirts, they have two rows of them! A football field length of only skirts! And, by far, the largest variety I have seen in any thrift store. If you have seen a bigger selection, please let me know! I’ll add it to my thrift-shopping list.

And why I favor this store is because I love long patterned skirts and they are all grouped together in one big long continuous rack. One side is all long skirts. The other side of the aisle is short skirts. If you’re ever in the area, check them out. But remember to factor in that you will be there for several hours. On the last trip to Atlanta, I went twice: once by myself and the second time with Eric. He found his new favorite shirt there. (Which isn’t really a big deal, because every month it seems he has a new favorite shirt.)

Five Questions Friday: It’s Going to be April Baby.

Q: Have you enjoyed having my mom here for the last couple weeks?
Eric: She has been a lot of fun. I just don’t get the need of leaving the bedroom door open at night. I don’t get it. Me, I want the door shut. But she has been doing a lot of painting so I can’t complain. (Lynne: I think it has something to do with being a mother!)

Q: I would ask you the same question about my dad as well but he was here for only two days. When he got a glimpse of all our home projects, he was out of here! Do you feel abandoned by your father-in-law?
Eric: No, not at all. I would have skipped town too if I could. Why would you want to hang around here doing all this work?

Q: What’s your stress level right now regarding us packing up, renovating some rooms to get the house on the market and closing on a property in a couple weeks?
Eric: It’s all happening so fast I can’t tell if I’m stressed or not. I think we are a long ways from being on the market. You seem to think it is going to be in a few weeks. I’m not that sure. (We will see won’t we! te hee)

Q: Where are you heading to next?
Eric: Your favorite workshop… the NCBA in North Carolina.

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: You continually saying that we will have our home ready to sell and on the market by April. (Again, I say we will see won’t we!)

The Signature is a Hint

So yes, we will be moving. We cannot say exactly where since we will not be closing on the property until a couple weeks. In the meantime, we are frantically de-cluttering the house here in New Hampshire to get it on the market asap! Along with ripping up vinyl floors, painting walls and doing all the “fix-ups” that were on our to-do list for a couple years now!

But, I can give you a little hint on where we may be going. Do you recognize this signature on the basket below? If you do, then you know where we want to move to.