It’s a Matter of Trust


I have not written in a couple weeks. I know. Not because I have nothing to write about! I have pages and pages of photos and stuff I wanted to post. But I’ve been suffering from a bit of anxiety… between trying to get our taxes done (which I did not finish and filed an extension two days before), doing renovations on our house in New Hampshire to get on the market, preparing for a workshop in Indiana, an unusually heavy workload with my freelance work and then knowing I was about to buy a house in Tennessee that I never stepped foot in…. uhhhhh what?

Yes, I never stepped foot in the house we bought last week until a day before we closed on it. That’s right. It was total trust in Eric. Just like the photo of me working on the stairwell, standing on a make-shift platform that Eric built.

I had to trust that Eric would not rig a contraption that would send me tumbling down 10 feet of stairs. Just like I had to trust that Eric would not have us purchase a home in Tennessee that would send me crying, with a bag in one hand and Chance’s leash in the other, to my parent’s doorstep begging them to let me move in! (Well, it has not happened yet at least…)

So, I am now sitting in the empty church building that is on our new property in Tennessee. Well, it’s not completely empty. There’s a few things we have in here that Mr. Basketmaker will be “showing and telling” about shortly. It’s been over a week now since being here and it has been very interesting. I know I have been joking with Eric and telling people we just bought a money pit, but he did do a good job in inspecting the property.

The old farmhouse that will be our main home does need a lot of work. But it’s all work we can do. We will be setting up the church as a giant loft-like space for us to live in temporarily while we work on the house making it fabulous with our personal eclectic touches. No more worrying about “resale!” If I want to paint a wall bright orange and green, I’m going to do it! When we are done, it will be like a brand new home — not the rundown, falling apart 1950s bungalow it is now.

In addition, I have some other good news to share — our home in Manchester, New Hampshire is under contract. Last week we got an offer after being on the market for 9 days. Now I don’t want to rub it in, but didn’t I post on here several times that Eric said there was absolutely and unequivocally (well, he didn’t say that last word… I’m adding it here for literary effect) no way we could get our house listed before June? I think I did. So not only did we get it on the market in April, it also was under contract shortly after. This will come in so handy in the future! Every time Eric says “that will not happen” I will say, “Remember when you said we couldn’t put the house….. blah blah blah.” The more ammunition I have in my back pocket the better. I can probably use this for at least the next six months.

So I’m off to see what Eric is doing inside the house. I am, after all, “quality control.” Someone needs to approve his progress!

Mr. Basket Maker Speaks: Project McMinnville

Let me begin by saying that it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Lynne hasn’t posted lately. Now before you get too judgmental or jump to conclusions regarding her lack of attention to her favorite pastime, I have to say that it’s sort of out of her control.

Since getting married we have been trying to figure out what to do with our two homes and where we want to live. This next step in our life together was something that didn’t happen overnight.  Are we going to stay in New Hampshire or do we make a major move? We finally have made a decision. But this is where things get a little interesting.

How many wives would let their husband buy a home without them ever setting foot in it? Now before everyone goes kind of off the charts, I did give her the chance to fly down to look at it with me. Just for the record she told me “No, Eric. You go. I totally trust you.” I answered back, “Are you sure? You are totally good with this?” “Yes” she replied. So I Flew into Nashville and rented a car and drove to a town called McMinnville.

And yes, Lynne has yet to set foot on this property that we will be closing on in a week. As I type this post, she is painting the stairway to our upstairs master bedroom. We found a realtor and our current home in Manchester will be on the market before we leave for Indiana’s Stateline Friends Retreat. It really has been many long days and nights for a few weeks now, and all our hard work (in New Hampshire at least) is almost done. Soon, Lynne will see her future home when we do a “walk-through” hours before the closing. And soon I will find out if her trust in me was well-founded or if I’m in big trouble.

We call our move to Tennessee Project McMinnville.
project-mcminnville-backyardI took the above photo in our future backyard. Anyone have a tractor/mower they are throwing out???

When the Parents are Away…


…use their family room as your free storage unit!

In getting our house ready to sell, we needed to do some major decluttering! Which also meant we needed to put all the packed boxes somewhere! So my parent’s hardly-used family room was the perfect solution!

You think we can get the house sold and all our stuff packed, and all these boxes removed from their home before they arrive May 1st??? I’m thinking I will need to do a lot of explaining when they open their front door…