Mr. Basket Maker Speaks: Project McMinnville

Let me begin by saying that it hasn’t gone unnoticed that Lynne hasn’t posted lately. Now before you get too judgmental or jump to conclusions regarding her lack of attention to her favorite pastime, I have to say that it’s sort of out of her control.

Since getting married we have been trying to figure out what to do with our two homes and where we want to live. This next step in our life together was something that didn’t happen overnight.  Are we going to stay in New Hampshire or do we make a major move? We finally have made a decision. But this is where things get a little interesting.

How many wives would let their husband buy a home without them ever setting foot in it? Now before everyone goes kind of off the charts, I did give her the chance to fly down to look at it with me. Just for the record she told me “No, Eric. You go. I totally trust you.” I answered back, “Are you sure? You are totally good with this?” “Yes” she replied. So I Flew into Nashville and rented a car and drove to a town called McMinnville.

And yes, Lynne has yet to set foot on this property that we will be closing on in a week. As I type this post, she is painting the stairway to our upstairs master bedroom. We found a realtor and our current home in Manchester will be on the market before we leave for Indiana’s Stateline Friends Retreat. It really has been many long days and nights for a few weeks now, and all our hard work (in New Hampshire at least) is almost done. Soon, Lynne will see her future home when we do a “walk-through” hours before the closing. And soon I will find out if her trust in me was well-founded or if I’m in big trouble.

We call our move to Tennessee Project McMinnville.
project-mcminnville-backyardI took the above photo in our future backyard. Anyone have a tractor/mower they are throwing out???

6 thoughts on “Mr. Basket Maker Speaks: Project McMinnville”

    1. Yes Joanne, Me and Chance will love the wide open space. Just not looking forward to the snakes! I hear if the grass gets too long, you get lots of snakes. Eric better get his hands on a large mower real soon!

  1. How very exciting! Good luck with all the details – there are so many. I hope this means I might see you two soon.

    1. Thanks Susan! We will have a full guestroom in the church building where Eric’s workshop is. So any visitors are welcome! Well, not any visitors… They first have to be approved by Eric… LOL.

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