G.I. Joe Carries a Basket?


Okay. I know I do pick on Eric a lot on this blog. But please know that it is all in good fun. And most importantly, Eric gets a good laugh when I publicly tease him.

This time, I’m writing about one of the many, many things I find so cute about Eric and how he likes to entertain me as well. Recently, it was my nephew’s birthday and he is quite fond of the action hero G.I. Joe. I found a vintage Hasbro Anniversary version (not an old one) at a thrift store in Florida and knew it would be perfect for him. And it still had its original box and unused stickers.

A few days before I had to get him wrapped up and shipped to Chicago in time for my nephew’s birthday, I happened to be in the kitchen getting my usual before-bed-snack. This time, it was some slices of cheese and out of the corner of my eye, I noticed something peculiar on our counter next to Eric’s antique radio. Sure enough, it was the G.I. himself, holding out a basket. And not any ordinary basket—this mini was used on top of our wedding cake, hence the dried flowers still inside.

I got a great laugh. My husband is so silly! And still a little boy who will always love G.I. Joe and playing around. But of course, I didn’t tell him that. Instead, I immediately yelled, “Errrrrrrrrrrric!”

Another Mom with All Fours on the Floor


A few weeks ago I posted my mom scraping up old flooring. This time it’s Eric’s mom, who I call “MomJo” getting down on the floor painting trim.

Both of us happen to be wearing Eric’s shirts. A month ago, he went through his closet and gave me a bunch of shirts to donate to Goodwill and I still had them in a bag, tucked in the corner. So when it came time to painting, I thought a few of those shirts would be great cover-ups!

However, when he saw us wearing them, he completely forgot about getting rid of them and thought we were ruining his good shirts! Now come on Eric. Everyone knows you don’t own any “good shirts.” Okay, maybe one — the shirt you got married in… te hee.

So we’re almost done with our renovations. Today we’ve been doing a lot of painting and removing the furniture on the main floor in preparation of the floors being sanded Wednesday. Then we can move the furniture back in, stage the rooms and get the house on the market!