Discombobulation is an Understatement


So we’re finally here in Tennessee. How long have we been here I cannot say at the moment unless I go through a pile of receipts and figure out the exact date. That’s how discombobulated it is around here.

When we closed on our new place here in Tennessee, two days later we accepted an offer on our home in New Hampshire. We were so lucky! But we worked hard to get it ready to put on the market so it was well-earned. But as soon as we went back to our northern home, it was time to pack up, and quickly, because the buyers wanted to close asap.

So we picked up the largest truck we could rent without a commercial truck driver’s license, a 26-footer. And as the end of the day approached, we discovered we needed another truck! The only one available to pick up the next morning was a 17-footer. And when we filled that truck up the following day, we discovered we needed to leave things behind at my parent’s home. So when we return to New Hampshire for one of Eric’s workshops in June, we will still be packing and moving! Ugh…

Nonetheless, we arrived safe and sound. Only a few mishaps on the trek down. Nothing major. My cousin’s husband Paul drove one truck and Eric drove the other. My dad and I left about six hours after them. I needed to stay back so I could clean our home, with a big help from my mom, before the final walk-through. But my dad and I were able to shave off a few hours and almost caught up to them.

Then the unloading of all our stuff. That’s when we started to live in temporary chaos. Below is me sitting in our bed, with my laptop trying to work, overlooking our disastrous living space! We were also trying to figure out how to create our living space! We will be staying in the “church building” while we renovate the mid-century farmhouse. So we needed a functioning kitchen and bathroom with a shower. Paul came to the rescue and worked with Eric on accomplishing that. And we are grateful.


Eric and I like to relax in the evening together with him in his chair and me on the couch. As you can see, my favorite green cabinet divided us. There’s my couch but there’s Eric’s chair, so far away. We were too exhausted to even move them closer together! I like how Eric’s chair has his computer set up on the table in front and then the drill and bits to the right! That’s really how our life has been for the last couple weeks!


But it all hasn’t been total unpacking exhaustion. We were able to do some exploring of our property! My favorite thing to do every morning is walk the property with Chance and check on the progress of our peach trees. Here’s 3 little peaches that should be ready soon! I cannot wait to pick them. (Are those peaches? I think so! Remember, I’m sort of a city girl.)


And Chance is probably the most excited. So many new things to explore! Below is him digging a giant hole. One thing he was never able to do! When you live in the city with a postage-stamp-sized lot, you don’t let your dog dig holes! He was always reprimanded. But with 5 acres, he can dig to his heart’s content. And dig he will! (I told Eric maybe he will dig it so deep that we can turn it into a tornado shelter or maybe at least a wine cellar. It’s about time this dog earns his keep!) moving-chance-digging-hole

So now that things are slowly getting to a somewhat normal routine, I hope to be back to posting regularly. I really didn’t expect this move to be so intense. But in a way, that’s probably a good thing. Otherwise, I would’ve been so doubtful on being able to buy a property and sell our home all within a matter of a couple months.¬† When we look back on it, we just cannot believe we did it. Especially after realizing how long it has taken to simply unpack our belongings! How did we ever pack it all up so quickly? And not one thing broken. Well, with the packed items. The furniture is another story. A few little mishaps there. Like when I lifted a box out of the truck and down came one of our cabinets, smashing to the floor. But overall, we arrived here safely and loving it in Tennessee.

4 thoughts on “Discombobulation is an Understatement”

  1. Welcome South sister! The Georgia weavers are glad to have you close by. Whenever Eric is ready tell him I will come up for some target practice!

  2. Oh boy, can I ever relate to your moving experiences. We’ve moved so many times it’s ridiculous, make that count at 13 in almost 40 years!

    Glad you all made the trip and are getting settled in now. Hopefully, you will be there for a very long time, enjoying the country life!

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts too, missed that while you were discombobulated.

    1. Ha! Thanks Cathryn! Yes, I have moved quite a bit around the country but Eric has never moved outside of New Hampshire so I think he was in shock the last few weeks… Me too since this was way more intense than any move I made prior! But then again, I didn’t have Eric, all his baskets, his business and his entire workshop!

      It will be nice to get things a little bit back to normal and get back to reading all the blogs I follow including yours! I’ve had no time! Thinking of you and hope you are well! Thanks for following me!

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