5 Questions Friday: 5X

Yes, 5 Questions Friday is back! And since I have missed a few weeks, I am multiplying it by 5 so that’s 25 questions for Eric! Oh wait. I’ve just been informed that it’s been longer than a few weeks. Since March? No way. It cannot be that long! Has it? Looks like it’s been 8 weeks! I can’t believe that.

Anyways, I know many of you will be sooooo happy! We both have no idea why people like 5 Questions Friday so much! I’ve gotten so many emails asking me “where’s 5 questions?” or “is 5 questions ever coming back?” it’s starting to give me a complex. Maybe I should ditch basketmaker’s wife and just start an “Eric Answers Questions” blog!

Just kidding. I love that people are interested in what Eric thinks and says since I tune him out most of the time. (I’m kidding again. Well, maybe just a little…)

So without further adieu, here is Eric’s 5 x 5 = 25 Questions!

Q: What’s Chance’s new nickname?
Eric: tick magnet. But he’s also “patches” now too since you shaved him yesterday.

Q: What is your favorite song this week?
Eric: That’s easy. Mama Rock Me.

Q: What time does every service company show up here in Tennessee?
Eric: If they say they are going to be there first thing the following morning, it’s 8:00 am. If they say they are coming the next day after, they show up at 8:15 am.

Q: What time did they show up back home in New Hampshire?
Eric: Between noon and 4:30 pm.

Q: Other than our family and friends, what will you miss about Manchester, New Hampshire?
Eric: This is a hard one. Oh, I know… Alley Cat Pizza, the best pizza in N.H., delivered to our front door.

Q: We can’t get Tennessee pizza delivered to our door?
Eric: No. Turns out that we’re apparently outside the delivery zone for all the restaurants in town.

Q: Oh. That’s depressing. What will you not miss about Manchester?
Eric: “Fun Boy”!
(editor’s note: okay, that’s an inside joke with my family and friends. May save that story for another post.)

Q: So that’s it? Only Fun Boy?
Eric: No! The list goes on… sirens, the low-driving Honda’s with the loud mufflers zooming down the hill, the gun shots, the people walking down the street with shopping carts, our narrow driveway where I could hit the neighbor’s house, the insane high property taxes…
(OKAY! enough with that question!)

Q: Do you think Chance misses his little tiny yard?
Eric: He’s so exhausted every day here I doubt he even remembers where he lived before.

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how much do you think Chance loves his new digs?
Eric: He’s off the scale on loving this place.

Q: How come the little wheel on the mower attachment to the new tractor is bent?
Eric: Oh, I had a slight mishap.

Q: What kind of mishap?
Eric: Well, that tractor is very fast. And I should really slow down around the fence posts.

Q: How come I never ran into anything when I was mowing?
Eric: Because you’re perfect.
(editor’s note: Well, he does have a point)

Q: How long did it take you to build your new trailer to your new mini tractor?
Eric: Ah, about two hours.

Q: When are you going to build “sides” to it so things don’t fall out, like all my sticks that I pick up?
Eric: Shortly after you stop asking me when I’m putting sides on the trailer.

Q: How do you like my new “art installation” on our miles-long barbed wire fence?
Eric: Quite frankly I was on the fence about it (no pun intended). But it’s growing on me. I’ll be happier when you stop asking me for sticks and just get your own.

Q: Hello! They keep falling off the trailer because there are no sides! What’s your answer to that?
Eric: Patience.

Q: How long do you think it will take me just to do one row of fence?
Eric: A month.

Q: How long do you think it will take to do all of the fencing?
Eric: Forever. I think you’ll quit before you finish.
(editor’s note: Wow. He is so supportive…)

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how stressful was our move here to Tennessee?
Eric: That’s a hard one. I cannot really give a good answer since it’s technically not over yet! But every day it gets less stressful.

Q: How long would you estimate we spend everyday just looking for something?
Eric: I’d say if you add up the time, easily about 3 hours total. And finding that disc you were frantically looking for for one of your clients over the last week was my Holy Grail. And in the last box I opened!
(editor’s note: It’s always the way! I even tried reverse psychology and purposely went to boxes I would most likely open last, skipping all the ones in front of me!)

Q: I’ve lived in Central Time zone before when I lived in Texas and Illinois and actually like it better. How are you adapting to CST? Do you notice a difference?
Eric: Yes. Megyn Kelly comes on at noon. I like that. And the local news comes on after the national news. I really like that. And cannot wait until Football season. I can be in bed before midnight!

Q: What are we cooking tonight now that our gas stove is all hooked up?
Eric: I went to the store and bought all the ingredients for chicken tacos!
(editor’s note: YUM!)

Q: I don’t like referring to this building as the “church.” Especially since it really doesn’t look like one. What can we rename this building?
Eric: oooh… let me think. Oh, the McSoHo Building! Because our living quarters is like a loft in SoHo!

Q: Have you ever been to SoHo?
Eric: NoHo!

If anyone has any name suggestions for this building, comment or send me an email!

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  2. Wow, good thing you guys got out… New Hampshire sounds like a really awful place to live with all the noise pollution, homelessness, violence, lack of green space and the insanely high cost of living!!!! Who knew??

    1. LOL!!! You left out the famous pizza! You know we don’t think that about New Hampshire. We really miss our little house… well, a little.

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