Redneck Has No Borders

I lived in Maine for seven years. Before that, I lived in Dallas, Texas for a few years. Both states are a culture shock between one and the other. I know Mainers don’t get Texans and Texans definitely don’t get Mainers. But growing up in New Hampshire, I have New England blood and completely understand Yankee ingenuity. And I proclaimed that this chair, pictured below, was a perfect example of this. However, Mr. Basketmaker was quick to point out that this was not any kind of “ingenuity” — it’s total redneck.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Look and see what I mean…


In preparation of our 2nd Annual Penny Pinching Pickers competition with our friends Karen and Eric (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, see last year’s competition here), we decided to visit a few thrift stores on Saturday. And at one of my favorite thrift stores when I lived in Maine, a store operated by the Nine Lives animal shelter, we came upon this chair, sitting proudly outside, beside the road.

Only a Mainer would process that a broken arm rest can be repaired by drilling several holes into the plastic, placing a small log on the surface and tying it down with cable ties, threaded through the drilled holes.


I’m not sure if this solution is more comfortable. But, again, I will say that this unique chair, with a price tag of $3 I might add, is the perfect example of Yankee Ingenuity. However, Eric says it’s a redneck creation, and proves that a “hillbilly” has no borders. As Eric stated to me “I know I have embraced my inner redneck because Lynne and Karen walked right by this exquisite example of a country-bumpkin-inspired lawn chair without even a first glance”

He questioned how seasoned pickers like Karen and myself (but I am in no way on the same level as Karen — she is a true, expert picker) walk right by this one-of-a-kind piece? He was mighty proud of himself for grabbing my attention and pointing out my oversight. All I could say is “Why would someone do that?”

He quickly explained that the arm on the chair was broken, and it was a simple “solution to the problem”. Extending the life of an object using whatever means are available to you that given minute, is one important trait of a rural redneck collectible.

What do you think? (I apologize in advance for the haphazard writing of this post! We left Maine this morning, picked up Chance and had to pack some leftover belongings I left at my parent’s home, in the van, and It’s after 11 pm, and I’m sitting in a hotel room somewhere in Pennsylvania. I need some sleep!)


Five Questions Friday: Lucky Throws

Q: What basket did your students make today?
Eric: The Cottage Presentation Bowl.

Q: Now that you spent almost a week with your mom, what did you learn about her that you didn’t know before?
Eric: How early she gets up. Like 5 am every day!

Q: What are you looking forward to most this weekend up here in Maine?
Eric: You getting wet Sunday while doing our 2nd Annual Penny Pinching Pickers competition. I know how you cannot stand getting wet in the rain.
(that is true.)

Q: You go through phases of having a favorite t-shirt that you wear incessantly. Which one is your favorite now?
Eric: The Lucky Throws Club tee your brother and sister-in-law got me.

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: The cold, wet rain all week in New Hampshire.
(Oh great… I’m positive my brother Tripp will be blasting us again that we’re dissing New Hampshire. We’re not! We love New Hampshire!)

Reunited And It Tastes So Good

strawberry-shortcakeEric and I have been apart for most of this ‘work-vacation.’ It started out with me dropping him off at his workshop in Connecticut for a couple days. Then, I picked him up and we spent the evening at my parents. The next day, he drove up north to stay with his mom and step-dad at night while he packed up his belongings at his old schoolhouse (yes, he still owns that old schoolhouse way up north!) during the day. Me? I stayed put at my parents where I was able to do some work and visit with my new nephew all week.

However, this evening, Eric drove down and picked me up and brought me back up to his parents where we are staying for the night. Yah, we’re finally reunited! But… when Eric is around, I love to eat. How do I know this? I have put on 17 pounds since we got married. And I love going to MomJo and Bruce’s house since they always have great food prepared.

I know soon I will have to do something about not eating so much. But for now, I’m going to enjoy this awesome homemade strawberry shortcake, courtesy of MomJo!

In the morning, Mr. Basketmaker is heading off to another workshop to teach and I’m staying back to work all day. Then, in the evening, we are heading to Maine to visit our close friends for the weekend who I’m sure will be feeding us lots of great food.