Saltbox Crafters Basketry Workshop

saltbox-crafters-basketsEric’s two-day workshop at Saltbox Crafters in Connecticut begins tomorrow. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Mary Jo Rushlow until tonight, when I dropped Eric off. Usually, I stayed home while Eric drove south the two hours to this workshop. I only saw the place in photographs or heard about it after he came home with many little stories, tidbits and great laughs from his time spent there with the Rushlow’s and Mary Jo’s students.

But because we moved to Tennessee, I would accompany him since instead of being a two-hour drive, it’s a two-day drive. We moved South to be more central to all of Eric’s workshops and the first trip we have to make is back to New England!

Finally I was able to visit the infamous Saltbox Crafters workshop. What a fantastic, inspirational space for weavers and creative souls. However, I was not able to spend any time there. It was a quick “nice-to-meet-you” and an immediate “goodbye” as I dropped Eric off and then drove the two hours north to my parents home in New Hampshire.

Why the rush? I was anxious to visit with my new nephew Andrew! He was born in February and due to us selling our house, buying the property in Tennessee and then moving, I was unable to spend as much time with him as I would have wanted. I miss the little guy!

So Eric will be on his own for a couple days. I will pick him up Saturday evening and then drive him back to New Hampshire where he can hopefully take a little break before getting ready for his next workshop in Sandwich and then onto Maine.

Have a great workshop to everyone at Saltbox Crafters!



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  1. My friend and I are looking for basket classes , we are in east Windsor. Are you taking new students? Any info would be appreciated. Thank you Corinne Burnham

    1. Hi Corinne. As of now, Eric only teaches in the U.S. If you come for a visit you can find a class to go to. Go to

  2. Oh golly Lynne, that Saltbox Crafters building is darling! Love the red color and the windows. Of course I’ve heard of Mary Jo Rushlow, but never knew about her weaving business and classes. How did I miss that? Thanks so much for your post and hope your trip to visit your nephew and Eric’s basket class go well.

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