The Softer Side of Mr. Basketmaker


Awww…  Mr. Basketmaker, a.k.a. Uncle Eric, spent some time this morning reading a fun children’s book to his new nephew. At first the little guy was a little hesitant and a bit distracted with the big, burly, bearded man. But in no time they became instant friends!

And I might add, a future basketmaker may be in the forecast since he asked to wear his uncle’s GBA hat after the reading session was over. Thank gosh Auntie Kiki (the basketmaker’s wife) recently washed that GBA hat since it was really grimy a week ago!

Travel Tip #8: Hotel Pillow


If you’re like me and you have sensitive skin, you probably also bring a pillow to every hotel you go to. We travel all the time and if I sleep on one of the hotel pillows, my face breaks out for the next couple days. I know they must use some pretty harsh chemicals to clean all their bedding. So I don’t go anywhere without my own pillow.

However, I once left a very nice pillow in a case that matched a set to my home sheets, at a hotel. And when I called from the road, they couldn’t find it. Upon returning home, I went to the store, bought two “travel-only” pillows and now use these Mickey Mouse pillow cases.

Why two? Because Eric now wants his own pillow too. So we’re always carrying in two pillows along with our luggage (he has to have everything I have…). Now we can’t miss leaving these bright Disney pillows behind. And when the time comes that we are forgetful one early morning on a long trip, we will not fret. We will go to the store, buy another “cheap” pillow and head to the children’s department for the brightest pillow case on sale!

Five Questions Friday: It’s Thick In Here

Today is “long distance” 5 Questions Friday since I’m in New Hampshire and Eric is in Connecticut:

Q: How was your class today at Saltbox Crafters?
Eric: I’d say it was a good day—I didn’t make anyone cry.

Q: When I pick you up, what is the first thing you want to do?
Eric: Give you a hug.

Q: Anything in particular you’re looking forward to doing in New Hampshire now that you have a few days off?
Eric: Eating Fried Clams

Q: How much do you miss Chance?
Eric: Not as much as I miss you.
(Okay, you’re laying it on thick. Did you forget something? Is there some big project you’re going to spring on me last minute?)

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Rush hour in Connecticut.