Five Questions Friday: Harsh

Q: I’ve been waiting for you to get done with mowing the lawn and moving our outdoor furniture and come inside, sit down and answer your five questions! When are you going to stop and take a break today?
Eric: I will stop mow’in when the grass stops grow’in!

Q: What do you think of our giant tomato plants? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Eric: Well, look at the last time I grew tomatoes at my previous home in Danbury, NH (photo at right). This is no joke, I really grew this odd tomato. Anyway, we are already taking softball-sized tomatoes off the vine here. Like I’ve been telling people, you can’t be a bad gardener in middle Tennessee!

Q: Did you really have no idea that letting Chance roll around in freshly cut wet grass was going to stain his fur green?
Eric: I didn’t really think about it at the time, but now I know what to do to celebrate the next St. Patrick’s Day.

Q: I was pretty busy the second we returned home from Minnesota. What have you been up to this week?
Eric: I have been trying to turn this warehouse into a home for the past two days.

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Illinois. And I need to say that I’m only being honest. Lynne’s sister and my nephews live there and we do love visiting them but if she didn’t live there I would never stop for anything but gas in Illinois, and only if running on empty.
(editor’s note: Sorry Land of Lincoln dwellers! His answer was really harsh! And it does not represent the opinions here at the Basketmaker’s Wife).

5 thoughts on “Five Questions Friday: Harsh”

  1. Eric’s worst places to live list…..

    1. Illinois (the whole state mind you)
    2. Manchester, NH (probably litchfield too)
    3. ???

    1. To BIL (Brother In Law) Wow, how sensitive are we? You are going to have to thicken up that skin, Brady Gaga season is about to start.

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