Don’t Adjust Your Screen

Lots of people have been asking us how Chance likes Tennessee. So I thought I would show you how much he loooooves it here.

But please note, yes, the dog is almost a whole shade of green, so please don’t adjust your screen!


How did he get this green you ask? When we arrived home from Minnesota, Mr. Basketmaker could not wait to go and mow the grass, even though it was wet. Furthermore, after he mowed, he played frisbee with Chance and let him run around, crazily, and rolling in the lawn. Totally unbeknownst to me, since I went to bed with a book.

Eric has now learned when it’s dark outside, freshly cut wet grass and a light-colored dog is not a good mix.

Workshop Quick Shots: Minnesota

I promised to put these on yesterday but when we got home, we unpacked and I went to bed and read a book all evening! So I intentionally ignored my blog… sorry to those who have asked me, “Hey, where’s the workshop photos?” and to the ones who didn’t ask me but kept checking to see if the pics were posted yet.

Eric (and I) had the pleasure of being hosted by the Minnesota Basket Weavers Guild Thursday to Sunday. Well, really Eric since he is the basket maker and teacher. I’m just the wife who sits quietly in the corner. And an extra special thanks to Jean who opened up her sweet and cozy home to both of us. And for the dinner (awesome fish tacos) and of course the Twins game!

It was a great workshop and thank you to all of Eric’s students! Enjoy!
minnesota-basket-weaver-guild-2013For more info about the Minnesota Basket Weavers Guild, click here.

Chance is Waiting…


We left Minneapolis this evening and headed to Chicago to go pick up Chance who excitedly waited for us at my sister’s house. And yes, that’s me driving. Mr. Basketmaker usually does most, if not all, the driving. But since he had a full day, I did a bulk of it to give him a little break.

And because I was driving, that means I was not able to work in my mobile office and process all the photos I took of the Minnesota workshop and get them on tonight (as I promised yesterday). So I will do those tomorrow!

I’m closing the laptop to go give Chance lots of hugs…