Our New Plestiodon Pet “Petey”

What’s a Plestiodon you ask? A species of lizard of course! No. I am not a reptile expert in any way. But I needed to find out and learn a little background on our new Tennessee pet we named Petey.

But first, in perfect procrastination form, with a two-page “to do” list sitting on my desk, let me tell you about our new pet’s home. Yesterday in the early evening, I convinced Mr. Basketmaker to take a break from sanding drywall in our bathroom and make me a wood plaque so I can paint a sign for Petey’s dwelling. Which happens to be a hole in the trunk of an old crab apple tree in our back yard, nestled between our vegetable garden and the small barn that houses our lawn tractor.

petie-lizard-skink-plaqueSo Mr. Basketmaker fabricates this little cute plaque and I happily ignore my invoicing, illustrating and other important projects I need to get done before Monday, and quickly paint Petey’s sign so his little hole in a tree can “officially” be identified as his home. And while I did that, Eric surprised me with a little wooden shelf so Petey can do what lizards like to do best (other than eating insects), bask in the sun.

And here’s Mr. Basketmaker attaching Petey’s new porch and nameplate last night. I told him to try and be quiet, as not to disturb or scare away little Petey. So what did he do? Brought out his large, loud, motorized nail gun and constructed away.

petie-lizard-skink-plaque-treeWith him shooting nails in the direction of Petey’s little tree-abode and me shooting pics while the flash was lighting up the entire tree, I was sure we most likely frightened our little lizard away for good!

However, this morning, Mr. Basketmaker informed me that our little lizard friend was out on his new porch taking in the sun! We couldn’t believe it.

petie-lizard-skink-plaque-tree-home petey-lizard-skink-tree-home In the little research I could do about reptiles, I discovered there’s thousands of lizard species and I believe I was able to narrow it down to one of the six varieties that inhabit Tennessee which is known as the Common Five-linked Skink. So Petey is actually a “skink” — I think! Like I said, I am not an expert in reptiles nor do I want to be! If anyone is a Plestiodon fasciatus expert and knows that I have identified Petey incorrectly, please let me know!

Now isn’t this a little creature to love?


8 thoughts on “Our New Plestiodon Pet “Petey””

  1. There is a new show called “Naked and Afraid.” They drop a naked couple off in the wilderness to fend for themselves for 21 days. I’m sure they would eat Petey, tastes like chicken!

  2. How cute! All I ever get in my yard are rabbits. I did have a turtle in the yard this spring, but I only saw him a couple times. Actually I should say, “her” as that is what someone told me after seeing a photo I posted on facebook. I had hoped she would lay eggs and I would have a bunch of baby box turtles in the yard, but I never saw any.

    1. You do have the cutest rabbits out there in St. Louis. We also have those here. They like to eat Eric’s pepper plants. And I did ride over a turtle with the lawnmower. But he (or she) survived! So I was very happy about that! Too bad you didn’t find any baby turtles. Those would have been so cute!

      1. He might be a five-lined skink…but look up the broadhead skink. they are big, and arboreal. If he gets bigger than that, he most definitely is the broadhead. They look just like the little five-lined skink, but get oh so much bigger! lizards are some of my most favorite creatures. i hope you have lots of nice times watching him! also hope Chance does not catch him – one of my dogs likes to catch – and eat- my lizards, and we clash on this subject, obviously.

        1. Thanks Pam! Right now he’s quite tiny. And no worries about Chance! He’s afraid of grasshoppers!! Not kidding. He’s not a normal dog. He’s also occupied with frogs. But he hasn’t caught on that frogs don’t want to play with him. He keeps putting out his paw to get them to play!

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