Is Chance Trying to Tell Us Something?

I am so behind on notes and tidbits I wanted to post over the last few weeks. I have scads of photos I need to process but the events have come and gone, that it may be too late, irrelevant or insignificant. Why write about a photo I captured in July when it’s already September!

However, I’m not fretting over it too much. Instead of working on my blog I’ve been busy doing two major things that needed to get done. One, unpacking and organizing my office. Including all the office paperwork that needed to be filed. And as of tonight, every single item has been filed and put away. What relief I am feeling! But it’s a little bit short-lived because now I’m ready to work on task #2: Finish our taxes. Yes, the taxes!

I’m one of those procrastinators who filed an extension in April so I could have more time. And instead of working on them in May, June, July (you get the idea), I waited until now to work on finishing this dreadful task. And not much time left! Mid October will be here very soon. But I needed to take a quick timeout and grab a couple photos I’ve been meaning to share. And everyone likes dog pics, right?


This is a pic of my mother-in-law painting in our front yard when she and and my father-in-law, Bruce, came to visit last month. And see our dog Chance there? Mr. Basketmaker and I were so flabbergasted by Chance’s behavior. He never lets me out of his sight. And he follows me everywhere I go. It doesn’t matter who is outside (well, maybe if there’s a cat) he will follow me when I go inside.

But not on this day. All he wanted to do was sit by Mom-Jo’s side while she painted. I even left to do errands and he didn’t run down the driveway to chase me in the car. So bizarre.

And to add more salt in my abandonment-wounds, the next day, Bruce read a book while Mom-Jo painted alongside him. And who else was present? Yes, Chance. He didn’t seem to care where I was at all.

Is he trying to tell me something? It sure looks like he’s got something on his mind here… like letting me know we (Eric and I) could easily be replaced!


2 thoughts on “Is Chance Trying to Tell Us Something?”

    1. Oh thanks Donele! He has never done that before. Not even with my parents! So I was getting a complex! But you’re right! He was making the “in laws” feel extra special!

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