New Outdoor Studio

Yesterday, Eric completed one of his other tasks involved in being a self-employed basketmaker — photographing his work. Which he is quite good at. And now that his workshop utilizes the entire farmhouse (and I mean every room — even our future master bedroom and bathroom has sanding equipment!) while we decide how to renovate it, he found a fantastic spot for his photo studio: The old, quaint front porch! Wait until 4 or 5 pm and you have the perfect natural lighting! (Yes, the most perfect lighting is late afternoon / end of day sunlight, in case you didn’t know.)

He did not need to set up any of his usual photo studio props and equipment. Simply tape up the backdrop and shoot away. No white boards needed, no lamps, no foil clamps. Natural light and fresh air.


Here’s all the baskets drying after a coating of varnish, and now waiting for their turn at a cover shot.


And pictured is one of the final products, his Cottage Gardener Basket. Who would have known this was taken outside on an old farmhouse porch? (If I wouldn’t have told you here of course!) This is so much better than the studio he used to have, downstairs, in a dark, dank corner of his workshop.


6 thoughts on “New Outdoor Studio”

  1. Perfect photograph! The gardening basket is amazing!
    You mentioned……”after a final coat of varnish.
    Please tell me about the varnish – kind, color, company brand
    How to apply etc. I hate using polyurethane !

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