Workshop Quick Shots: Suzanne’s Basket Cottage

We had a great time at the Basket Cottage in Georgia with Suzanne and Jud… and I think all the students did too! Eric taught his most popular basket at the moment — the Cottage Gardener. It must require a lot of concentration to create this basket since practically all my photos I took show students heavily into their work!


Thanks Hannah, Pat, Patti, Tracey, Eleanor, Peggy, Gail, Sybil, Suzanne and Jud! Looking forward to seeing you all again soon! (Eleanor and Gail, we will see you in Florida for the Ocala workshop!)


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4 Responses to Workshop Quick Shots: Suzanne’s Basket Cottage

  1. Tracey Reidy

    Yes, Kathy, as always it was a great class with Eric! The basket is truly terrific and I’m proud to have one

  2. Kathy Chute

    Jealous of them, we had such a good time when you came to Maine. Looks like a really fun basket.

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