Five Questions Friday: Jean-Claude Van Damme

Q: How come you didn’t tell me that I totally forgot to post pictures from the Georgia workshop?
Eric: I didn’t know I was supposed to remind you of anything. You should post those.

Q: Did I already ask you the question I had about birds flying South?
Eric: No.

Q: Oh, cool. Well, my question is, do the birds that habitat Tennessee fly South too or are we the “south” that the birds up North fly to?
Eric: I think they keep moving because yesterday it got down to the mid 20’s! So I think all the birds fly more South than we are.

Q: What do you think about this whole bullying thing with the player, Incognito, of Miami?
Eric: I’m so sick of everyone talking about bullying. It’s the new one thing that everyone talks about. I think I should be the poster child for bullying when I was shoved into my locker in high school 25 years ago! And we’re now talking about a 6 foot 5 inch 300 lb. man being bullied in football? Really? Give me a million dollars and shove me in a locker – you’ll never hear from me again!
(Uhm… I’m thinking we’re opening up old wounds here???)

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: That Volvo ad with Jean Claude Van Damme and the split he does across two moving trucks. I can’t stop thinking about it and it’s been in my head all day. Is it real or fake? That’s all that keeps spinning in my head. I want to know!

Oh my gosh. I love that commercial! If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Loving All That Sawdust!


There’s numerous reasons why┬áI like our new place but one thing that’s probably listed in my top 3, at least for now anyways, is that there’s no more sawdust throughout the house!

Before, in our very cute but small bungalow, we both lived and worked under one little roof. And this included Eric’s workshop which meant all the sawdust he produced every day got tracked all through the house. But now that his entire workshop is located in a completely different building steps away from where we live, I don’t mind the piles of sawdust anymore!

So now, when I visit him in his workshop and see what he’s up to, the piles of sawdust covering the entire floor under his planer make me even more happy with our new place!

Fall Day “Addendum”

Over the weekend I posted some pretty pics I took in our yard while enjoying the beautiful Fall weather here in Tennessee. Well, our good friends Karen and Eric way up in Maine didn’t have a Fall day like us. This is the photo they sent me, taken Sunday morning outside their front door!

snow-in-maine-2013Now I lived in Maine for about seven years. I certainly will not miss the early snow in fall and the brutally cold winters! So sorry about my post you two! I wasn’t bragging… honestly! (wink wink). I feel for both of you up there. You should really move South… LOL!