Three Canoes and a Rowboat

Eric’s step-dad Bruce restores old wooden boats — for a living and for pleasure. So we got a tour of his latest projects out in his workshop. You never know what he’s currently working on in the shop, but this week it is three canoes and a rowboat.

Sometimes he gets total basket cases of a project, like this green canoe. Other times, it’s more simple repairs or minor changes because his client just wants to take the boat out on the lake for some fishing.


The green canoe above is a wooden 1936 Old Town canoe with gunnels to fit the curve of the bow. Picture on right is the same canoe but with a new deck.


This 1922 Kennebec canoe on left is pictured without the canvas and outer gunnels. He’s been inserting new planking on top where they all rotted out. The “basket case” of a canoe (right top) is a 1905 Old Town made for Abercrombie & Fitch. The medallion represents a special order from Old Town for Abercrombie & Fitch who they had a contract with.

Other image is Mr. Basketmaker checking out his meticulous craftsmanship on the inside of the canoe. I would think that basketmaking and boatmaking have many similarities in terms of attention to detail and high skill.



Above image is a row boat made by the E.M. White Canoe Co. in the 1930’s.

Thought you would enjoy work from another craftsman. I love seeing what other people do for a living — especially unique professions such as a wooden boat restorer. And having him as my father-in-law is a bonus! I enjoy being surrounded by creative people.



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