Friday Catch-Up.

I cannot believe that it’s been two weeks since I last posted! And that was when I was up in New Hampshire and Eric was in Connecticut teaching his class. So I have a lot of catching up to do!

No, I haven’t been laying in a teak lounge chair under an umbrella ordering beach-side drinks on an island somewhere. Instead, I’ve been home sick with the flu! On the last days of our visit up north, I started to get a cold but must have picked up the flu as well at one of the various rest areas we stopped at on our 3-day trip back to Tennessee (and despite getting a flu shot!)

Yes, it took us 3 days to get home! Why? Well, several reasons. One being the snow storms hitting all the spots we would be traveling through and the first stop we made earlier than planned because of very heavy fog and slick roads.

The second reason is (and the main one) we were towing a very heavy trailer filled with materials, molds and some leftover equipment from Eric’s prior home in northern New Hampshire. We are so excited to announce that YES, Eric’s old schoolhouse finally sold! Yah! But it was a little sad when we stopped by the house to say “bye” the day before closing.

Well, actually, it was more sad for me. When I first met Eric, I was always excited to drive up North and spend the weekend at his rural place. It was nice to get out of the city and play with Chance in his backyard and enjoy nightly campfires.

But as I was reminiscing during our last “walkthrough,” Eric was whispering “good riddance!” And I don’t blame him. When we bought our new home in Tennessee, we sold my house in the city within 9 days. If we hadn’t have sold it so quickly, I know I would have been really stressed out being so far away.

So I cannot imagine what it was like for him to still have his house way up there while we were creating our new life down here in Tennessee. And now that it’s sold, I think he felt overwhelming relief and could now focus on planning, and moving forward, with our renovations down here, at the new home we own together (no more his and her residences).

And the last reason is that because I seemed to be coming down with something, I was in the backseat sleeping. So Eric was doing all the driving. Oh yeah. And there’s a fourth reason.


We needed to take a small detour in Knoxville.

The closest place for Eric to get cherry wood is two hours away. So on the trip back home, he had to stop and get the materials. And not all of it could fit in the jam-packed trailer we were towing which meant the rest had to go in the van! So I was kicked out of the backseat and poor Chance had a tiny spot to sit in. It may look like the boards could shift around but they are tight and secure. So Chance was completely safe, but not too happy with the little space we left him.

Now that is why it took us a long three days to get home. And as soon as we walked in and opened the curtains to let the sun in, we were greeted by our adopted wandering pet. Yup, Betty-Sue was right outside our window, apparently waiting for us.


Now I haven’t been totally flat-out on the couch, sick, for the last two weeks. I still had my freelance work to do. And one project was a little time-consuming. But I cannot talk about it or share any photos with you because it involved a celebrity who is currently on a popular tv show and I am under a confidentiality agreement. So that’s all I can say about that. And after a day’s work, I was too wiped out to write.

Over the next week I will catch y’all up (yes, I have now begun saying y’all) on some of the things we did up north. Like some photos of “Tour de Chooch.” What’s that you ask? Well, you will simply have to check back to find out!

4 thoughts on “Friday Catch-Up.”

  1. Hello, Lynne-
    Regarding the pewter grasshopper you found it Nantucket, I have one just like it. Oddly, my husband’s aunt gave it to us as a wedding present in 1984. We think it’s a wine cooler. It was the strangest wedding present we’ve ever seen, but it’s a great conversation piece! I’ve been trying to find out where it was made, but haven’t been able to find any information about it. Did you ever hear back from your friend about it?

    1. Hello Chris!!

      My friend thought it was a planter, and I ended up listing it as such on my Nantucket post but my husband thought maybe it could hold a bottle of wine and then we said “no” it can’t be that. Silly us though…. we never envisioned ice in it and being a wine cooler! That definitely could be it’s use!! However, I still have not found any confirmed identity regarding the object. But I plan on doing a followup post about it since I found another gal who uses it as a mail catch-all in her foyer. We currently use it for our cloth napkins in the dining room!

      Anyways, thanks for the reply! I’m thinking you are right and it probably is a wine cooler. And by the way, I love your email address… a fellow procrastinator!! We need to stick together! LOL


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