Five Questions Friday: A Bulb Conspiracy

Q: How was your first Christmas in Tennessee?
Eric: It was Awwwwesome.

Q: What was your favorite gift?
Eric: Easy. The Durango’s you gave me that I always wanted.

Q: Do you feel slighted that the post featuring your adorable Christmas ornaments that you made as a kid did not get even one comment?
Eric: No.
(I don’t believe him.)

Q: So why were you griping about the lightbulbs the other day again?
Eric: Haven’t you noticed? I think it’s a conspiracy. Starting at the first of the year, incandescent lightbulbs are illegal and stores can no longer order new stock. And our bulbs seem to be burning out left and right. Look, there’s two above our heads that just went out and another in my shop just an hour ago! It’s a conspiracy I tell you.

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: There’s a few things… But the main one is that you’re still watching Christmas movies two days after Christmas.

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