Five Questions Friday: Slobber Dog

Q: Your first question is from Kerryn: Would you drive a vehicle that has been completely wrapped in basket imagery?
Eric: No. Remember the car we saw on the highway on our way home from Houston and it was completely wrapped in imagery selling a sleeping eye mask? Anytime someone sees a completely wrapped ordinary vehicle, they want to check out the loser driving it! That’s what I do.

Q: I love the new closet you built in the foyer. Especially since most of it was recycled materials.How do you think it turned out?
Eric: I think it came out alright. It is much more convenient and functional to have the water heater enclosed and a coat rack above it.

Q: Whose dog is messier—My dog Chance or your dog Jackson?
Eric: Now you need everyone to know. Okay. My dog Jackson is a complete slobber dog who drools and is a very messy eater. I have to admit, I’ve never seen Chance do any of that. He’s a very tidy dog.

Q: How could you possibly believe that Anchorman, Ron Burgundy is, in your exact words, “a great movie that has stood the test of time”?
Eric: Ok, “great” might be too strong of a word for that movie. How about “a pretty funny movie that will stand the test of time?”
I don’t understand your taste level when it comes to comedies.

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Trying to print out a label for a package from the U.S. Post Office website. Yesterday when I selected the State it would not work! So I had to drive to the post office to get the package out. Their site is always hit or miss. One day it works and the next day it doesn’t. It’s always a gamble. 

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  1. While visiting Nantucket we saw a Smartcar wrapped as a Nantucket basket! The White Elephant Inn uses it for their guests. I fell in love with it so if you ever see my driving one like it know that I won the lottery!

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