Five Questions Friday: Romeo

Q: That was a scary storm last night huh? I see you were concerned after I saw you appear fully dressed and with your boots on!
Eric: Didn’t want to be caught with my pants down.

Q: So why did we change Jaxson McBrown’s name to (Shoeless Joe) Jackson?
Eric: A bunch of reasons. Jackson has white paws so it looks like he just has socks on. Also Shoeless Joe was poor and from the South similar to Jackson who was homeless and showed up at our door. And like my dog Jackson, Shoeless Joe couldn’t read or write.

Q: How mad were you at 6 this morning going in the woods looking for your dog Jackson who corrupted my poor innocent dog Chance and led him into the scary unknown?
Eric: We should have named him Romeo. Chance was simply along for the ride.

Q: Last night, you had your earphones on, watching the iPad and laughing hysterically and LOUD, I might add. What exactly was entertaining you?
Eric: Dave Chappell (SP) comedy skits. Nothing you would like.

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Jackson

Waffle House Blues

Mr. Basketmaker and I had a little treat this morning. Because we both are self-employed and work from home, we rarely go out to eat, unless we’re on the road. But this morning, before we went to pick up his new dog at the vet’s, we decided to have breakfast at a local Waffle House. And as we pulled in, it dawned on us that we have almost been here for a year and we have never went out for breakfast in our new little quirky town!


But that’s not really the treat. While Eric drank his coffee and me my hot chocolate, the man sitting next to us took out his guitar and started playing. So cool! We listened to live music while eating breakfast — Eric enjoyed his eggs and hashbrowns and me, chocolate chip waffle of course!


I would sit next to this guy again anytime in a restaurant. Unlike the woman we sat next to a year ago. Remember her? We were eating breakfast in the evening on one of our trips to a workshop and this extremely loud-talker of a lady blurted out “Who would eat breakfast for dinner! Why would anyone eat breakfast this late at night?”  If you forgot that gem of a story, you can find it here.

Workshop Quick Shots: Texas

I know, I’m behind! Here’s some pics from the Texas Basket Weavers Convention in Houston, Texas.


Eric had four days of classes. He taught his popular mini French Bread, the 7-inch Carrier, the Bungalow Tub and his newer Jewel Basket. Above is a closeup of the mini French Bread — how do they weave such a tiny basket???

And here’s a delightful pic of a father/daughter duo spending the weekend weaving together. They were taking Gina Kieft’s “Splendor” basket class. How cool is that? What a great thing to do together!



Above are four of the many teachers there: Karen Hobbs, Pam Talsky, Marcia and Ruth Garcia. Pam — don’t forget we will have a drink together at the NCBA!


Above are Eric’s students working on the Bungalow Tub.

We really enjoyed the Texas group and hope we are able to go to the next convention in Austin! Maybe we’ll spend a couple extra days and do a little vacationing while we’re there.