Another Calendar Girl Pic

Aaaah, not a girl… a basket!

From the “Baskets of the Cottage Girls” Calendar I photographed last November and have been periodically sharing some of the images.

Since it’s now spring and people are getting very tired of winter, I thought these sweet little mini pails were next to be shown off. To all those still caught in the cold winter, summer is just around the corner!


mini-pail-baskets-beagleThese little gems were woven by the lovely and talented Pat Beagle.

These were not the easiest to capture since they were so tiny! For the second image, the small rocks cannot be more than an inch in size but they seemed to slightly take the attention away from the main attraction.

As a result, the first photo is the one that made it in the calendar. While setting up the shot, by putting a shorter distance between me and the subject versus the subject and the background and zooming the lens to its maximum, created the blurred background which frames these mini baskets nicely.

7 thoughts on “Another Calendar Girl Pic”

  1. Hi Lynne
    Thanks for highlighting my tiny baskets. I do love them so and your pics really show them to an advantage. Always love your perspective and expertise. Keep sharing your thoughts.

  2. Now I love you Tracey but you’re going to make my what irritated me most this week. I’m just speaking up for my wife now, her name ends with an E. Everyone is still doing it year after year but tell ya all friends.

    1. Oops so sorry Eric! I do know how to spell her name and I SWEAR this is the ONLY time I have misspelled it…my sincerest apologies!
      Tracey (with an E)

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