Mud, Pond Guck and Prickles

Today, in between storms, Jackson took off for a quick jump in the pond and then for his usual stroll in the woods. And while I wasn’t paying attention for a few seconds, Chance darted after him. Once my dog is on a mission, he doesn’t listen to anything I have to say.

I went inside and put on my rubber boots and quickly ventured into the woods to search for Chance before it started pouring again.

Oh yes. I eventually did find him. But not in the same condition when he left.



He was absolutely filthy! Covered in pond guck, mud, ‘prickles’ from the pricker-bushes, leaves and even a few twigs! Not to mention the “stink.” Did I say that the pond is loaded with frogs? Well, it is! Ewwww!

Most of the time it’s very nice to have a dog with hair rather than fur — there’s no shedding! But that means the dirt, mud and pond grime doesn’t simply slide off like it does with Jackson and his fur coat.

But who can be mad at a dog with this cute face? Maybe I should change his name to “Prickles”.


The Creative Process in Six Steps



I didn’t come up with this image but it’s a brilliant visual of the creative process for many people, including myself! I came across it when one of my clients sent me a “share” on Facebook asking me if this was my creative process. I responded with “It’s exactly like this!”

FYI – Over the years, I have discovered that during Steps 3 and 4, usually a few glasses of wine (or more depending on how “crappy” I think it is) helps me get to Step 5 much more quickly.

**The clever artist who posted this pic is found here: Valley Flower Company

Five Questions Friday: First Impressions

Q: Where are you going next?
Eric: Going to Tony Stubblefield’s out in St. Louis.

Next Question is from Uncle Roland: When you met your father-in-law, what was your first impression of him?
Eric: My first impression? What a really great guy.

Another Question from Uncle Roland: What is your impression of him now?
Eric: Still a really great guy but one who requires I have lots of nuts and sandwich meat on hand when he visits!

Q: Speaking of my Dad, wasn’t that nice of him to make you a ham sandwich before he headed back to New Hampshire?
Eric: Yeah, sure. He made it for himself and then forgot it!

Q: What annoyed you this week?
Eric: Your father. He kept repeating that I need to go get a tractor, which happens to cost $15,000 that we don’t have in the budget, to get us a cow which I know we definitely don’t need and I told him to get a cow if he wants one so bad. And then constantly telling me that I need to order a pizza from a small country store that is a couple miles from our house. He’s actually been telling me to do that one for a year now! Now I’m never ordering pizza from that store!