Mud, Pond Guck and Prickles

Today, in between storms, Jackson took off for a quick jump in the pond and then for his usual stroll in the woods. And while I wasn’t paying attention for a few seconds, Chance darted after him. Once my dog is on a mission, he doesn’t listen to anything I have to say.

I went inside and put on my rubber boots and quickly ventured into the woods to search for Chance before it started pouring again.

Oh yes. I eventually did find him. But not in the same condition when he left.



He was absolutely filthy! Covered in pond guck, mud, ‘prickles’ from the pricker-bushes, leaves and even a few twigs! Not to mention the “stink.” Did I say that the pond is loaded with frogs? Well, it is! Ewwww!

Most of the time it’s very nice to have a dog with hair rather than fur — there’s no shedding! But that means the dirt, mud and pond grime doesn’t simply slide off like it does with Jackson and his fur coat.

But who can be mad at a dog with this cute face? Maybe I should change his name to “Prickles”.


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